MWIII Could Feature A Zombies Mode

It appears that MWIII could have a zombies mode and that would be whole new playstyle for a Modern Warfare game.

MWIII Could Have A Zombies Mode Cover Image
MWIII Could Have A Zombies Mode

As we approach the release of yet another Call of Duty game in the Modern Warfare reboot series, the internet is constantly flooded with questions. These questions are about everything from what alteration will be made to the story to what kind of graphics we can expect. We may have just gotten an answer to one of the bigger questions, though, as MWIII could feature a zombie mode. 


  • Call of Duty’s service just posted a list of all studios working on the next entry in the series, and Treyarch is on the list.
  • Treyarch is the studio that has worked on the black ops series and, more importantly, has been a big developer of the Zombies series.
  • Their involvement suggests that MWIII could have a zombie mode added to the game.

Call of Duty games are usually three games in one when you buy one of them. The story mode is usually the most featured part of the game. Then there is the multiplayer, which, depending on who you talk to, might be why many people buy these games.

Then there is the third game mode, which varies between titles and eras. Of all the extra modes they have come out with, the Zombies mode has been the most popular.

Zombies pit up to four players against waves of the undead that become more difficult as it continues. Players can buy weapons or spin for a chance on the mystery box while also trying to expand the map. Zombies also included a story to be gathered for audio clips and clues left around the various maps.

The idea that they would then be adding a zombie mode to the next MW would be a huge announcement for the audience, and while they haven’t announced it yet, there are some clues. The biggest and most important clue is that Treyarch is officially working on the game.

Treyarch is the developer that has done the most work on zombies from their time working on the Black Ops games. So if they are attached to this new title, it would make sense they were working on a zombie mode.

This would also be keeping up with the tradition of the original MWIII game, as that also had an extra mode. The title extra mode was split into two different game types, with one being challenges and the other being survival.

Challenges were tied to events or single mission objectives, and survival mode was a horde mode where you faced increasingly tricky enemies. While it will be nice to have an extra mode, there will be more than a few who will be disappointed these game modes will disappear.

There is still no official announcement regarding the zombie mode in MWIII, but given Treyarchs history, it is hard to picture them working on anything else. So hopefully, we will see a trailer for this sooner rather than later.

That is all we have on MWIII zombie mode. What are your thoughts on the subject matter of zombies in the upcoming Call of Duty MWIII?

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