Mysterious Job Ad From Kyoto-Based Company Hints At Next-Gen Console Development

After a sudden job posting by a Kyoto-based company, fans are speculating which miraculous next-gen console is being developed, most of the rumors revolving around it being Nintendo or SNK.

Next-Gen Console Development by Kyoto based Firm
Next-Gen Console Development by Kyoto based Firm

If suddenly we see a post of a next-gen console development in the country with the biggest console developers in Japan, we all would be intrigued. So is the case with the recent job posting by a Kyoto-based company on a local Japanese Job-posing forum, Adecco.


  • A mysterious job posting for “Next-gen” console development by a Kyoto-based company.
  • The name of the company has not been disclosed.
  • Contrary to fans’ speculations, the job requires working in an office in Osaka, ruling out Nintendo from the possible options!

Seeing job postings by big names in the console development market is common. However, when we come across an advertisement that hints at mystery, it ignites the gaming spirit within everyone. The same is the case with the posted job opening. At every instant, the posting organization is called “a famous game company.” Suggestively, whichever “Next-gen” console is being developed, it sure is kept hidden for the time.

Next-Gen Console Development by Kyoto based Firm after job posting on Adecco.
The top contenders like Nintendo, Konami, SNK, Sony, and Bandai Namco for Next-Gen Console Development.

Now deciphering these speculations, Nintendo is this mystery organization’s top contender. The reason for this is Nintendo’s promise of regressive hardware development. Fans hint at the development of Nintendo Switch Pro to match the best hints in the job advert. But, all these speculations can easily be burnt to the ground, which is all explained next!

As found on Resetera, the translated version of the job posting is as follows:

Development of next-generation game consoles; hearing, explaining, and adjusting requirements from customers; creating detailed design documents and unit test specifications based on hearing content; design – implementation – test evaluation; creation, verification, and reporting of verification items; handling post-release defects (identifying causes, correcting, and re-releasing); other risk presentations and operations Improvement, various proposals, etc.

In principle: This is a long-term dispatch job, renewable for three months. Work 2 to 3 days a week, work remotely on other days. Security is important to us, so when you come to work, you will work in a dedicated security room in the client’s Osaka office. When working from home, you will work on a dedicated PC loaned to you by the client.

You will actively participate in developing and modifying next-generation hardware for a renowned game company. The development process takes place within a dedicated security room.

Furthermore, one fantastic detail in the job posting suggests working in a “security room in Osaka office,” suggesting the company’s strong foothold in Osaka territory. Surprisingly, Nintendo does not have an office in Osaka!
The companies qualifying the criteria are: 

  • Capcom: Capcom, the acclaimed console developer, continues captivating gamers with its masterful blend of immersive storytelling and exhilarating gameplay experiences. Its CP System is undoubtedly a clear example of its potential to develop this next-gen hardware masterpiece.
  • SNK: SNK, the legendary console developer, leaves an indelible mark on gaming history with its iconic franchises like King of Fighters and Metal Slug. Previously, SNK has had the experience of developing the world-famous Neo Geo CD consoles.
  • Konami: Konami, the renowned console developer, boasts a rich legacy of iconic franchises shaping the gaming landscape. Only a few people know that Konami has previously tried to compete with the Nintendo and Sega consoles but failed. 
  • Bandai Namco: Bandai Namco, the powerhouse console developer, merges the worlds of anime, manga, and gaming to create captivating experiences. Formerly, this tech giant has had the experience of making Bandai consoles.
  • Sega: Sega, the legendary console developer, has left an indelible mark on the gaming industry with its iconic franchises and innovative hardware. Of course, Sega does not need any introduction to the field of console development. However, they stopped console production in 2001. But can this be a comeback?

Whether it is any previous market king or a newbie in this market of console development, we all eagerly await the reveal of this extraordinary secret soon.

In conclusion, whichever tech giant is the “question mark” behind this advert, fans sure are excited about this new “next-gen” console development. What are your thoughts about this “Giant Mystery” organization? Tell us in the comment section!

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