Mystery Bandai Game Listed At TGS

We are going over what the new Mystery Bandai Game at TGS could be.

Mystery Bandai Game Featured Image
Mystery Bandai Game

Few of the many games released this year at TGS have gotten as much speculation as the mystery Bandai game at TGS. This game has been causing a lot of people to wonder what it is. As fans try to piece together what it could be and why it wasn’t announced immediately like the others. There is quite a bit to unpack with this, so we will be breaking it down into sections to grasp it better.

What Is The Mystery Time Slot?


Mystery Bandai Game Time Slot
Mystery Bandai Game Time Slot

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The time slot in which a game is released can be one of the most critical aspects of determining what it is. Placement is vital at shows like this to keep the audience excited as more and more games are covered. Because of this, it is very interesting that the game will be the last slot of the day.

This time slot would seem to suggest that Bandai thinks this will be the show stopper, that it will leave the audience so excited and wanting more. This faith in the game means it isn’t an unknown game or new franchise, as they rely hard on its placement at the event.

What Could The Game Be?

Mystery Bandai Game Elden Ring
Mystery Bandai Game could be an Elden Ring update.

Bandai owns and distributes a surprising amount of triple games and known franchises. This volume could make figuring out the mystery game challenging, but fortunately, most games have been announced. So this does help to narrow down the list of possibilities considerably from what it otherwise would have been.

One of the games that the original poster had thought it could be is Armor Core 6. This release would be an exciting announcement because the last Armor Core game was verdict day. This game was released in 2013, so it is getting on to a ten-year gap for the series. There have been leaks and rumors that armored core six has been developing, and many wonder if this will make it official.

The other significant rumor is that this could be an expansion for Elden ring. This one also seems most likely due to Elden Ring’s popularity. The game had a huge following even before its release, and that has only grown since. So it would make the most sense to build on that momentum and introduce an Elden ring expansion.

What Games Does Bandai Have Planned At TGS?

Of course, these games are just rumors, and we won’t know for sure until TGS. They are fair assumptions based on the currently released schedule for Bandai. They have already announced their principal line ranging from Gundam Games to two new dragon ball games. It could always be a different anime game, but with most of these already announced, it would seem unlikely. we will just have to see what the Mystery Bandai Game at TGS will be.

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