Neon Prime Trademark Hints At Dota-Vicinal Game, According To An Informer

Neon Prime trademark from Valve is something related to the Dota universe and could be another MOBA, according to an informer.

Neon Prime trademark
Neon Prime Trademark

An informant by the name @Tyler_McV has confirmed that the Neon Prime trademark is not related to Half-life Citadel (Citadel is a code name). He affirms it is a new IP resembling Dota by the same developers, ICEFROG. For those who do not know, ICEFROG has been the lead developer of Dota for the past 15 years.


  • According to a well-known informant, the Neon Prime trademark hints at a MOBA title and not an FPS game like the rumored Half-Life Citadel.
  • The game is set in the world of DOTA but in a different dimension.
  • Moreover, this game might as well be on mobile and cross-platform following the recent mobile imports frenzy.

On 14th October, Valve listed Neon Prime as a trademark to be approved by the legal authorities. The game had a specific description of something related to game software, not something like the Steam Deck.

Tyler informs that he has some insider information confirming the game to be related to the sci-fi fantasy world of Dota. It is set in another dimension, Continuum or the Moons of Ultria can be a notable example.

He hasn’t confirmed anything else about the game except for it not being an FPS game and set in the world of Half-life. Tyler had also initially confirmed the Half-life Alyx release before it was announced. So it can be said that Tyler might also have some true information for Neon Prime.

Coming to the type of game the Neon Prime trademark will be, some speculations say it’s a Dota-like game with a 5v5 MOBA-like genre. Some say it will be an MMO-like warcraft set in the world of Dota.

Neon Prime trademark MOBA
Comparison of a typical MOBA map and DOTA 2’s map

No matter what we speculate, there are many different options for it to turn out. But it could be that Valve wants to revive the MOBA genre with a new clean slate IP and might as well with an improved and next-gen suiting gameplay.

There’s also a chance that they will import it for mobile. As the MOBA genre is successful for mobile, they might bring Neon Prime as a cross-platform MOBA game. With these speculations making round on the internet, it seems like Valve might as well hop on the bandwagon and make Neon Prime a mobile Moba.

For now, there is nothing officially confirmed about the trademark Neon Prime. But look out for Q2 because that’s when we will get some solid and official confirmation about the game.

Tell us what you think about the Neon Prime trademark and what you think about it being another MOBA title by Valve. Tell us in the comments below.

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