Neon White Could Be Coming To Xbox Soon

Latest ESRB rating revealed that Neon White could be coming to Xbox soon.

Neon White Could Be Coming To Xbox Soon
Neon White Could Be Coming To Xbox Soon

It’s an exciting time to be an Xbox fan, and it is getting even better as more and more games are coming to the console. Some of these are new games coming to the console; some have already been released but are being ported to the system. This is the case with this game, as Neon White could be coming to Xbox soon.


  • Wario64 posted a screenshot showing that the ESRB had officially rated Neon White for the Xbox consoles.
  • Given that the game is not currently available, this would seem to indicate that it will be ported onto the console sometime in the future.
  • The game was rated with a firm T rating, expanding the number of people that could play it.

Neon White is a popular game released on every other form of the system. From the Switch to PS5 to even on Microsoft Windows, you could play this game across a spectrum of available systems. So it was more a question of time than if this would come to the Xbox. Luckily, we learned of this news from Wario64, so we now know this is coming soon.

Neon White is a game that can best be summed up with the phrase you are an assassin selected by heaven to hunt demons. You were plucked from hell to do this, but so were others, and you have to compete with them if you want to live in heaven. But not all is as it seems, as the other assassins are familiar to you.

These form the game’s core ideas, and its mechanics are somewhat similar to other JRPGs and some innovative interpreting of systems. For example, this game is an FPS, but your weapons come from cards. You use those cards for attacks and can even break a card to make a devastating attack.

The game also relies on the typical RPG mechanics of making friends. Honestly, it is still a fun game mechanic of party building and character interaction. Interestingly this game ties this to the mystery of its story, making it up to you to uncover the truth.

This game has been trendy since its release in 2022, so this is a welcome piece of news for Xbox fans and knowing what it is rated. Sometimes rating a game like this can be difficult because it was designed around its story and mechanics rather than a rating. So a T rating will now make the game available to more players than an M-rating.

We will keep an eye out for any news regarding Neon white, but I get the feeling the next news that we get will be the official release date for the game. Either way, we will keep an eye out for any more news.

That is all we have on Neon White could be coming to Xbox soon.

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