New Call Of Duty DLC Is Coming, Featuring “Full Premium Expansion”

A new Call Of Duty DLC Is coming and it is going to be a premium expansion for MWII that sources are very excited about.

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Call Of Duty has had an interesting and turbulent time over the last few years, to say the least, with flopping games like Vanguard and World War II but then getting a big boost with MWII. With the latter’s success, it makes sense that the company would want to keep expanding on that side of the franchise. To that end, it appears that a new Call Of Duty DLC Is coming, and it will be a premium experience.


  • COD MWII is one of the most successful entries in the series, and Activision wishes to grow this entry’s success with DLC.
  • The DLC is going to be a “Full Premium Expansion. “
  • As multiple Twitter sources hinted, this seems to entail more than just some skins and new maps.

Call Of Duty always had DLC as a part of its basic model, going back to when internet updates became available. Because of this, it is not surprising that their newer games will also have this. But it appears they will be trying something new for the new incarnation of MWII.

This new kind of DLC is relatively secret, with only a few people reporting on it, including Jason Schreirer and Charlieintel. Both sources have commented that it is being defined as a full premium release. That has been somewhat confusing to the community as that is not an official term, and no one represents it.

All we do know is that Jason Schreier has stated that it is not a new game but is, in fact, DLC for the previously released MWII. It has been stated that since it is supposed to be premium, it will have a large amount of data. This seems to convey that there will be some form of campaign element to it that will be with this release.

As for what this campaign could be, there are near-limitless possibilities for what it could be. Some of the more likely would be the main campaign’s sequel content or side content that would provide more detail to the story. There could also be spinoff material about some of the characters. I think Captain Price would be a good choice for this.

There is also the chance that this could be some kind of new game mode that would take over the role of zombies. This isn’t likely because if the game wanted a mode like that, it would have come with one. Plus, the label of premium experience would seem to preclude this as that would not be a full experience.

So only time will tell what this latest plan in the call of duty lineup will yield any results, both for Activision and fans. Clearly, this idea is more based around ringing money out of the audience, but that doesn’t mean that it has to be a lousy product. It does mean that it will require effort to make it worth it.

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