Danganronpa Creator Says He Will Make Another Danganronpa In Future

Kazutaka Kodaka reveals in an interview that he isn't against the idea of making another Danganronpa game.

New Danganronpa
New Danganronpa

Danganronpa’s creator and writer Kazutaka Kodaka reveals a new Danganronpa in an interview about the new Master Detective Archives: Rain Code.  In the interview, he shares details on why he isn’t making a new Danganronpa and instead went for a new IP. He simply stated that he wanted to make a new IP.


  • Kazutaka Kodaka revealed that he just didn’t try to ask Spike Chunsoft about making a new Danganronpa.
  • He says he wants to explore and give priority to some new ideas.
  • As per the interview details, he didn’t want to stick to a safe option of an already-created franchise.
  • The new Danganronpa will be a prequel instead of a sequel as per speculations of fans following the ending of V3.

For those who don’t know, Master Detective Archives: Rain Code is being developed by Kazutaka and Spike Chunsoft, revolving around new dark fantasy adventure detective action game. The game is a new IP, teased in 2018 and later announced in November 2021. It will be released for Nintendo Switch in Q2 2023.

Master Detective Archives: Rain Code
Master Detective Archives: Rain Code

Kodaka revealed he was more interested in making a new IP rather than another entry in the Danganronpa series. Meanwhile, Spike Chunsoft didn’t push for another Danganronpa either. He further adds that he didn’t even try to opt for the possibility of another Danganronpa either.

The interview goes as:

I wanted to make a new IP, and Spike Chunsoft wasn’t pushing for a Danganronpa sequel, so I decided to go with it.

To be honest, if I asked Spike Chunsoft whether I should make a new Danganronpa title, they might say yes, so I didn’t ask (Laughs).

His remarks do not relate that he doesn’t want to make a new Danganronpa game. But according to him, he has a lot of different ideas he wants to cover before returning to the franchise. For now, he has established some new priorities he would like to cover.

It’s not like I don’t want to make another Danganronpa game, but I have a lot of ideas and want to create something new. Someday I may go back, maybe.

Danganronpa is more of a niche game, and now I’m working on a bigger one, but it’d be cool to go back to Danganronpa at some point afterward.

He additionally states he doesn’t fancy sticking to a safe option of an already established IP. He wants to explore and test out some things for the sake of it.

I’m not interested in doing the same thing other people may be doing. I’d rather not pick the safe option. When people start to forget about Danganronpa, perhaps I’ll be more inclined to work on it again.

The fans, upon hearing the news about a new Dangronpa, speculate that a sequel to the game would invalidate the message of V3 about the whole franchise. This is true as the ending made a bold and clever move to wrap up the series leaving narrow possibilities of a sequel to be ever made. This only leaves the option for a prequel if one thinks logically of an option for a new Danganronpa game.

Hopefully, we will see what they plan to do with this franchise in the future and whether the new Danganronpa is a prequel or a sequel. Tell us what you think, down in the comments.

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