New Forza Motorsport Being Delayed?

The new Forza Motorsport game has been delayed due to just entering its last phase of production and we are talking about it.

Forza Motorsport Delayed Cover Image
Forza Motorsport Delayed

We have recently confirmed which stage of development Forza Motorsport is in and what it means for the game’s release. The good news is that the game is developing well, but the bad news is that it will be delayed. Why that is and why it is not a bad thing is what we are going to talk about here.

Why Is Forza Motorsport Being Delayed?

Forza Motorsport Delayed
Forza Motorsport Delayed

The reason for this delay is that Forza Motorsport is going from developing to polishing. We know the developer intended to release this sometime in early 2023, around spring, but this now seems unlikely. Whether they got behind in the development or were too ambitious in the initial release date is unknown. Either way, we won’t get this game until late 2023 if we want a good one.

This delay is best explained because there are four phases to developing any game. In a helpful image provided by the person who created the original post, we can see what they are.

This first phase is the concept phase, where all the ideas for the game are generated. The second is the pre-production phase, where many of the previous phase’s ideas are narrowed down and worked into a valuable concept for the game.

The second to last phase is the production phase, where most of the game is built. All the significant systems are laid into the game, and its main gameplay loops are implemented. It looks rough here, but it is a functioning game and will move on to the last stage.

The last stage is the polishing stage, where the game is currently entering. This stage is where the developers will add the final layers of the design that gives us a complete and fantastic-looking game. as you might imagine then, this is one of the most extended periods of development for a game as it is the most painstaking next to the coding. This stage of development is also where many bugs are removed from a game, so it is crucial.

When Can We Expect To See The Game?

While it is not currently known what the estimated release date for the game is, we can make some well-educated guesses. As I said earlier, the first is that this will mostly come out in either Q3 or Q4 of next year. This estimated release is more than likely due to the fact the polishing phase is going to take so long. There is a good chance that we could also get two other dates.

The first would be in the tail end of Q4, right around Christmas, when they could get a massive boost in sales. The second will be during summer if they rush development to try and get as close to the original release as possible. I hope they don’t take the second, as games that are rushed in this fashion can turn out badly.

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