New FromSoftware Game Leaked For Upcoming Project

A leak for the new FromSoftware game has come out and it tells us a little more about the upcoming project.

New FromSoftware Game Leak Cover Image
New FromSoftware Game Leak

There has been a recent post on Reddit from user PurpuraViolenna, who claims to have leaked information about project Velvet Veil, the new FromSoftware game. Their recent post addressed the original leaks regarding what has happened and what hasn’t.

In addition, they let us know at least a little bit more about project Velvet Veil and what it has in store, people. This massive post gives much to discuss in this article, so we will break it into sections. This system will make it easier for you to navigate and keep track of as you go through the article.

What Did They Have To Say?

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Dark Souls 3

PurpuraViolenna had a lot to say in this post, some of which were covering for things that haven’t worked as they said. Some of the other things they brought up tell us some exciting things about the upcoming Project Velvet Veil.

This information all comes together to give us at least a rough idea of what Project Velvet Veil might look like when it is released. From the setting style to some hinted-at graphical updates.

I need to bring up another thing before we go further into the article. This user claims to have posted the original leaks about project Velvet Veil on 4chan. They also claim that they were not the ones who posted screen leaks of the same or similar information.

I have no way of confirming or disproving any of this. That being said, plenty of information here has been at least alluded to by other leaks so I will be keeping this in mind.

With that out of the way, we can go over everything from the original post they list and the new one.

What Was The Original Post?

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Elden Ring

The original post was made in 2021, and PurpuraViolenna listed everything they had claimed. The first was that this project had been in development from 2017 onwards. PurpuraViolenna also stated that it started to have resources put into it as of 2019.

This level of attention isn’t surprising as they also say that this game was initially destined to be shown off after Elden Ring had dropped. After Elden Ring was finished, it would be the next game to keep fans interested in FromSoftware.

The game itself is stated in the original post not to be a direct sequel or prequel to Bloodborne. Instead, it will be a spiritual successor to those games but has its own story, setting, and possibly world.

I say this because we don’t know it is in a different world from Bloodborne, but that also seems likely given some other leaks. I would also doubt that it is connected to the world from Dark Souls for the same reason.

PurpuraViolenna also claimed that the original showcase for this was supposed to happen in 2021. That show was never put on for other reasons, but they did have some of what would have been released there. This game will be a Playstation 5 exclusive release, and they don’t know if it will be released for PC later.

Their last major piece of information was that the game would have a significant graphical update compared to games like Bloodborne. This will be as big a difference as between Bloodborne and Dark Souls.

There were a few other items that they had called, such as that this would be announced before the new armored core game. These are going to be more relevant in the next section.

What Did They Get Wrong?

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Dark Souls 3

There are still a lot of unknowns surrounding this particular project but believe it, or not a lot of the original information could still be valid. This validity is because one has been disproven.

That one that has been disproven was that it was supposed to be revealed in 2021. This change is not surprising because the pandemic is changing the schedule of many releases.

They also stated that Elden Ring would come out in January 2022, but instead, it came out in February 2022. This release date would make it an error, but it was so close that we will have to cover it in the next section. It does not decrease its inaccuracy, but it does tell us a few things about PurpuraViolenna’s access to information from FromSoftware.

The only other thing that hasn’t manifested is Armored Core 6, but that game has been leaked. So at least in part, this has been a bit backward because they thought we would know more about Velvet Veil at this point.

Like I said before, this is very little that has been disproven regarding this project. Because of this, we should look at what they have gotten, right?

What Have They Gotten Right?

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Elden Ring

Well, there are a few things that PurpuraViolenna has gotten right in their leaks, even if they didn’t happen exactly as they had predicted. There is a bit to consider from the release date of Elden Ring to Armored Core 6. Also, remember the part where I mentioned that not a lot had been disproven yet, either?

The fact that PurpuraViolenna was only a month off in their estimate of when Elden Ring tells us a lot about what they could know about the new FromSoftware game. This kind of information can be wildly off even for some of the best industry insiders. So a month off is still a great prediction given that it was made in 2021.

Another thing was that this leak considered the existence of Armored Core 6. While this game has been heavily leaked for a while, there were not as many leaks in 2021. Now there are so many that the game is practically confirmed without being confirmed.

These two being so prevalent in the early leak gives some credit that a lot of the other stuff listed here could also be legit. But of course, they have gathered new information, giving us insights into Velvet Veil.

What New Information Did They Have?

PurpuraViolenna has gathered some more information on the new FromSoftware game. It isn’t much at this point, though, only a description of a boss from some concept art and the name it has been given in production. The name is not that helpful because even they admit that the names in games change a lot in production.

The character’s description gives us an excellent idea about the boss and the game. For one thing, they describe the boss as a humanoid entity dressed in period clothing from the 19th or 20th centuries.

The enemy also wields a giant staff that has been welded together from different types of metal. This description does not give us much, but it is better than nothing.

I also find it interesting that this character concept was named Covenanter Sheinwood. This name doesn’t tell us much, and it will likely be named something else. When the game comes out, it still tells us something.

In this case, Covenanter is often a word associated with religion. How this relates to the character is unknown, but it might be a clue.

What Will Project Velvet Veil Be Like?

We could put together what Velvet Veil will look like with the information from these leaks. Keep in mind this will only be a rough estimate from the information in the leaks. This guess also holds that the leaks are accurate and still on track.

For one, we know that this will not directly tie into Bloodborne in any way. It will be a spiritual successor, nothing more. With this in mind, we can deduce that from the boss’s description, this will take place in a bit of a more advanced world.

This change isn’t surprising as Dark Souls and Elden Ring are medieval fantasy-inspired, and Bloodborne is somewhere akin to the 17th century. Because of these and the boss description, I would say that this new FromSoftware game will be set in either the 19th or 20th-century style worlds.

In addition to these changes in the setting and the characters, we believe this game will have major graphical upgrades. Velvet Veil will put it in with the top class of games when it comes out because FromSoftware games are known for looking good when they come out anyway.

This pretty much sums up everything in the leaks for the new FromSoftware game that is currently code-named Velvet Veil. This information seems solid and tells us quite a bit about the game. Of course, since this is a leak, always use just a little bit of salt to keep things in perspective.

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Source: Reddit

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