New Gotham Knights DLC Is On The Way

According to latest details, a new Gotham Knights DLC is on the way and it will be revising some content in the game for players.

New Gotham Knights DLC On The Way
New Gotham Knights DLC On The Way

Gotham Knights has had an interesting reception since its initial release date in 2022. While the game has been positive, its general reception has balanced out to average. While the game had fun sections, the general focus on grinding and other live service elements greatly detracted audiences. Now New Gotham Knights DLC is on the way, and I imagine that it is supposed to be a way to get people back into the game. 


  • Gotham Knights are releasing a new DLC that will allow for new boss fights and unique challenges in the game.
  • The DLC will not use new characters but ones already in the game.
  • The reception to this news has been unsurprisingly lukewarm from game players.

Gotham Knights easily had one of the easiest ways to soar to the top of video game charts; it was a Batman game post the Arkham series release. The game made a series of choices, some good and some bad, that has left it in a kind of no man’s land.

It isn’t an outright failure, but it was nowhere near as successful as the devs thought it would be. So the game has been adrift as of late, but now the game is coming out with a new DLC that is supposed to change that. This was originally reported by ArkhamVideos on Twitter.

This DLC doesn’t have a name yet, but we know the content will focus on villains. Unfortunately, these will not be new villains to the game. Instead, they will be reusing a lot of the previously fought villains. Some of the more prominent ones include Harley Quinn, Clay Face, and Mr. Freeze. These characters will have all new missions for you to fight them in.

In addition, new missions and new achievements will be added to the game for new events, such as beating seventy-five super-powered villains or taking down the most wanted during the Kelvin Incident. These aren’t so many new pieces of content but rewards for things you are already doing in the game.

It is an interesting idea to get people back into the game, but it makes people wonder about some of the designs. One of the big ones is that this will not add new characters to the game. With the size and depth of Batman’s rogues’ gallery, using the same ones they already had is more than a little disappointing for many.

Another thing that seems to be working against the DLC is that it is not adding new stories to the game. Yes, the Kelvin Incident is new, but it is not so much a new story as a new set of fights like the others. One of the reasons that people loved the Arkham DLC was the fact that it told brand-new stories. Now these also used characters we had already seen in the game, but they were so detailed and moving that fans loved them.

Moreover, the game audience seems to be unhappy with its simplicity and mainly views it as patching the game rather than anything new. The fact that a few comments asked if it would make it worth it to start playing the game at this time speaks volumes.

That is all that we have on the new Gotham Knights DLC on the way.

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