New Halo Shotgun Seemingly Leaked On Twitter

A new new Halo shotgun has leaked and it is showing a lot of the potential that exsits in Infinite's future

New Halo Shotgun Has Leaked
New Halo Shotgun Has Leaked

Halo has been getting a lot of leaks for new content drops as of late, and whether you think they are bonuses or fixing standing issues, they are always worth looking at. So with that in mind, we have recently gotten a good look at a new weapon that should be coming soon. This is because a new Halo shotgun has leaked and is an exciting addition to the game. This weapon and others like it could alter the game, so let’s look at what we have learned.


  • The new halo shotgun is double-barreled with a gravity hammer attachment.
  • This is still rough but will likely be released within the next year or two.
  • If this is released, it is worth noting that at least two other prototype weapons have been seen, and there could be more.

Regarding weapons in the halo series, there seems to have been a guided outline for the series, which was simple and fun. When you think about this, it makes sense as all the weapons tended to have one function, and players must use them creatively and upfront.

The assault rifle was only automatic, and the plasma sword was a limited-use melee weapon. Few weapons broke this rule, like the grenade launcher or the artillery designation device in Halo reach.

These weapons were revealed by Rebs Gaming and Halo Leaks on Twitter.

Now it appears that we will be getting a new type of weapon with dual functions. The first we see of this is the new double-barreled shotgun that just happens to have a gravity hammer mounted underneath. This is one of the first weapons I am aware of that does something like this in Halo, and it might be more potent than it looks.

Based on some descriptions, the weapon is comprised of two elements. One is the shotgun, which is a double barrel. According to some reports, you can fire one barrel at a time or both at once. The second is the gravity hammer which is noticeable as it is integrated into the bottom of the gun.

Since there is no mention of this being fired, I imagine it will be used for melee combat instead of with the bash action. It is unknown whether this gravity hammer will run out as a standard one does.

Now, this weapon is impressive on its own, but it also hints at an overhaul of the weapon systems in Infinite. We can see that in the concept art, there are two other prototype weapons that we can see. The first looks like some type of railgun or heavy weapon with a bladed weapon on the bottom. The second combines the brute shot grenade launcher and the standard assault rifle. Whether that would be a large assault rifle or a rifle that fires explosive rounds remains to be seen.

The future of Halo Infinite’s gameplay looks pretty good with these new weapon options.

That is all that we have on the new Halo shotgun that has leaked.

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