New Mass Effect Concept Art Gives Latest look At The Upcoming Game

New Mass Effect concept art has surfaced on the internet and it gives us and interesting look at where the game is heading and what we can expect.

New Mass Effect Concept Art
New Mass Effect Concept Art

We have just received another Mass Effect teaser in concept art. This art came with additional information that should excite any Mass Effect fan. Moreover, this teaser gives us much to go over, from world-building aspects to lore-based content.


  • New Mass Effect concept art was released for N7 day.
  • The art showed a mass relay under construction and gave interesting in-game details.

The new concept art is an image of a space construction site that seemed to be putting together a mass relay. That sentence alone should get all the Mass Effect fans excited for what is coming in this new entry in the series. Plus, in the concept art, the newly designed mass accelerator looks a bit more advanced than what earth and the galactic alliance were making before. It is still in that design category, but time and technology have advanced in this new entry.

This wasn’t the only thing that had been revealed by this new piece of concept art when it dropped. People also took a look at the file information. This information details its title as “Vacuum-dock Relay Construction Record.”

Another exciting detail is that the captain for the project’s in-game with the name listed being Sub-Navarch Soa’Rhal Zhillian-Jones. Lastly, the game’s fan got to see was a new station’s location is the Satherium System and its space dock designation is 314.

This concept art taught us quite a bit about the upcoming Mass Effect game. The first of which is the fact that now people can build mass relays. Technology was always advanced in the Mass Effect universe but manufacturing a mass relay was beyond the general ability of most. So to see this becoming real is a significant uptick in technology for the galaxy.

Another interesting note that Shinobi602 noted in the post was that the captain’s name indicates that this is a joint Human-Quarian effort. This would be interesting as these two races had little to do with each other in the original trilogy, but it would seem that Sheppard’s efforts have made an impact.

The last detail is the Satherium System being listed. There is no guarantee that this system will be in the game, but if it is, I believe it will be a new one. I can not remember visiting this system in the original trilogy, and if they are adding new places you can go, that can only be a good thing. This means they would like to do more than just ride the tailcoats of previous entries.

After this, we will not likely see much more info on the new Mass Effect game. The game is still in some of the early stages of development, and we won’t see game footage for a while. We got this much because it was N7 day, and they wanted to give something to the fans. Hopefully, we will get more as the game progresses because many fans look forward to returning to Mass Effect after so long.

That is all we have on the new Mass Effect concept art. What are your thoughts on the new Mass Effect concept art? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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