Microsoft Filed A New Trademark Logo For Their New Application

Microsoft has filed yet another trademark but this time a logo for their new application.

New Microsoft trademark
New Microsoft trademark

Microsoft has filed a new trademark logo, a P in a geometric shape with a gradient fill of blue and green. The logo isn’t announced for anything but just for P, which was in the description of the trademark file. The trademark description clarifies that it is something of a Power-Platform but for game development tools. The new trademark was posted on Monday on the US report and is yet to be processed and approved by legal authorities.


  • The new Microsoft trademark is a Power Platform, but unlike the already existing platform for business applications, this one could focus on development tools and applications.
  • The trademark is just a logo without any confirmed full names except for P™ in the description of the report file of the trademark.
  • The new Microsoft trademark could be the rumored android and iOS store killer and could be something to help have more content for the said digital store of Microsoft as the application is both for computer and mobile application development.

Microsoft’s new trademark may be a Power Platform, but it is for game development tools. The description suggests that the application has multiple valuable features, and many things are only possible with multiple tools, such as animations to database management.

The description suggests multiple tags along with P shaped logo confirms that it could be a Power Platform. The Power Platform already exists and is made by Microsoft, but it is for data analysis and problem-solving for business tasks.

New Microsoft trademark for game engine
The general look of the logo of the New Microsoft Trademark

” P™ trademark registration is intended to cover the categories of computer software for use in locating, gathering, compiling, analyzing, modeling, graphing, visualizing, animating, transforming, presenting and sharing data and other information; computer software development tools; computer software, namely, software development tools for the creation of computer software applications and mobile software applications; computer software for publishing, sharing accessing computer software applications and mobile software applications; computer software for data storage and modeling; computer software for use in creating and automating workflows across multiple applications and services; computer software for database creation and management. “

The description also mentions how it’s a database for computer software applications and mobile software applications. Suggesting that it also could be the rumored store of Microsoft to compete with app stores like the google store and ios store.

The applications are intended for developers to use and give them a more comfortable environment around the user interface.

This may be a move by Microsofts to produce an engine compatible with windows to make something like a new store a more efficient and demanding application. This could mean something like the revival of Windows phones. The Windows phone died long ago, which is why it was canceled because it had hardly any latest applications. Even social applications such as Instagram and Facebook weren’t available on the windows OS, no matter how good the OS was.

This is the extent of the knowledge on the new Microsoft trademark P™. We can expect the release of applications during the early days of 2023 with Microsoft’s financial reports. Let us know what you think about the new trademark and what your opinions are about the trademark. Tell us about it in the comments.

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