New Ori Game Could Be Coming

There has been a leak that a new Ori game could be coming and it sounds like it could be a great new game for fans.

A New Ori Game Could Be Coming
New Ori Game Could Be Coming

Ori from developer Moon Studios is one game series with a unique stand-out song with many titles. The game was and still is considered one of the best indie-developed games. Its strong story and fun gameplay stood out amongst FPS, Battle Royal, and open-world adventure titles. The series may be getting another entry, as a new Ori game could be coming.


  • There has been a leak that states we could be getting a new Ori game in the new future.
  • The success of the Hi-Fi Rush has left an opening for the game to be shadow-dropped.
  • It is not specifically listed as Ori 3 in the leak, so it is possibly not a sequel but another type of entry.

Ori has been a popular series among indie and platforming fans since the first games were released in 2015. There have only been two entries in the series so far, and they decently spread apart with Ori And The Blind Forest in 2015 and Ori And The Will Of The Wisp in 2020.

So when a leak came out that we could be a new entry, it was a pleasant surprise and made a lot of sense simultaneously. This leak comes from Nash Weedle over on Twitter.

We are two years shy of an entire five-year gap, but with improvements in technology, this makes some sense how the game could be released earlier. It is allegedly in the possible position of being shadow-dropped. This would mean we would get it the same day it was announced.

Now I am a fan of gaming companies announcing games closer to their release rather than further away. It makes it more exciting for the audience. But a same-day release is fantastic and will be nuts for Ori fans.

An important thing to keep in mind, though, is that the leaker did not say that this game is listed as Ori 3. They went out of their way to say it could also be a prequel instead of a sequel. That is a strong possibility, and you can’t discount the fact that it could also be a spin-off or an indirect sequel.

In either of these cases, we would be in the same world but more than likely with some new characters and a new protagonist. This is a good chance due to the second game’s ending.

A few other details that had come with the leak were interesting if a little complex to decipher their meaning. One was that the logo for this was going to be on fire, and according to the leaker, this idea was scrubbed. The second is that the color this game uses is green. A funny detail is given that the other entries focused on hues of blue and purple.

The possibility of another Ori game is far from certain, but if this leak is proven correct, we could all soon be in for a fun surprise. As always, we will monitor other sources to inform you of any developments.

That is all that we have on the new Ori game that could be coming.

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