Square Enix Trademark Hints At A New Parasite Eve Project

Square Enix has filed a new trademark, and it could mean a new Parasite Eve project as per the details and speculations shared on internet.

New Parasite Even Project
New Parasite Even Project

Parasite Eve is a classical game that hasn’t been seen mainstream in quite a while, but there is good news for fans. Meanwhile, a trademark from Square Enix hints at many possibilities for the future. So let’s look at this new Parasite Eve project teaser and see what we can figure out.

Story Highlights

  • A trademark from Square Enix details projects Simbiongenesis, which may be a new Parasite Eve game underway for release in the future.
  • The latest news has taken the internet by storm with tons of speculations.
  • The new project can be a sequel to the Project Eve series or a reboot/remake of the original title. Whatever it is, fans are already looking forward to the announcement.

The latest news about a new Parasite Eve Project surfaced on Twitter with heated speculation. The tease was a mainly black background with a word on it written in both English and Japanese. The word was symbiogenesis, which has an exciting meaning in this context.

Symbiogenesis means to take two things and merge them into one. Now that has special significance because this was a large part of the Parasite Eve. With this in mind, it has led many to assume that we will be receiving a new entry in the series.

Next, we must consider what kind of project this will be. The two options that come to mind are a sequel or a remastered edition. Both have a good possibility of happening, but let’s consider why.

A sequel is a possibility and potentially a strong one because there have been a lot of sequels coming out that belong to far older games. This would be an exciting choice, as Parasite Eve only had one squeal in its series. So making another entry to the series now probably seems quite odd.

What is more likely, though, is that this project could be a remaster or a reboot of some kind, and that also seems likely. The remakes of the Resident Evil series have proven that there is a market for older games getting a second life. Given Parasite Eve’s potential and its popularity from when it was released, this would be a good move for the company.

Whatever the case, it may be interesting to see what this new entry will be for this title.

Parasite Eve was a single-player action RPG horror game made by Square Enix and released for PlayStation in 1998. The game follows an NYPD Rookie named Aya Brea as she tries to stop the titular eve from using spontaneous human combustion and other supernatural materials to change humanity.

The game was well-received when it came out and was a big hit in the RPG horror genre. It was popular enough to receive a sequel, which was not a guarantee for any game at the time.

The fact that this game was so popular is one of the reasons that it makes so much sense that we will be getting a new title around it. This teaser is all we have on the new Parasite Eve project, but we will let you know if any more comes out.

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