New Planet In Mass Effect Art Has Fans Talking, More Concept Arts Announced

New planet in Mass Effect art has sent ME fans reeling and asking what planet it is and if it is one that they know or is entirely new.

New Planet In Mass Effect Art Has Fans Talking
New Planet In Mass Effect Art Has Fans Talking

Mass Effect has been dropping some great hints and reveals throughout the year while maintaining its secrets. As such, this method entices fans more as we want to know these new details in the grand scheme. Well, now we look at a new planet in Mass Effect art, which is getting the whole community talking about what it could be. The original art was posted on the official Mass Effect’s Twitter.


  • Two new pieces of concept art showcase an unfamiliar planet yet have similar architecture to what we have seen before.
  • This reveal has caused many to wonder whether this will be a new world where technology and style have changed with time.

Mass Effect NewPlanet Walkway View
Mass Effect NewPlanet Walkway View

The new concept art in question was revealed as part of the N7 day celebration, and it does appear to depict a planet in two images. The first one includes common walking paths in the games, and it is set where we can see giant, curving skyscrapers.

In this image, we can also spot a Turian, a Salarian, and what appears to be a Krogan. Where ever this world is, it is a place inhabited by multiple people together. This fact makes it unlikely that it is one of the home worlds of any one race.

Mass Effect New Planet Aerial View
Mass Effect New Planet Aerial View

The second concept art is an aerial view of a city from a shuttle’s perspective. This has no view of the ground, as the red fog appears to swallow anything below the towers’ midpoint. The mist does not look familiar, but this architecture more closely resembles what we have seen in recent Mass Effect entries. Everything from the block tower design to the holo advertising on the sides of buildings seems to be part of the Mass Effect games.

These images have led some to question if this is a planet we have seen before. It is, of course, possible that this is a planet that we know has changed with time, but it is not likely.

Unless the red fog is tied into a new threat, this would be a significant atmospheric change, and I can’t see that happening in the mass-effect universe. So it seems more likely this is either an all-new planet or is at least one we never visited in the original games.

That is all we have now on the new planet in Mass Effect art. Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

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