New PlayStation Game Code Named “Reach” To Be Announced In December

A new PlayStation 5 exclusive title is set to be announced in early December according to a certified insider informant

PlayStation 5 Reach exclusive title
PlayStation 5 Reach

A new PlayStation Exclusive Code Named “Reach” title will be announced according to @_Tom_Henderson_. He has stated that the game will be announced on December 1st or 2nd, and the pre-orders for the game will roll out soon after the announcement. Tom also clarified that the game would be a Play Station 5 exclusive.


  • PlayStation 5 Reach isn’t Halo: Reach, as there is hardly any evidence. Halo is an Xbox exclusive, and Reach will be a PlayStation Exclusive.
  • Many Studios are currently working on unannounced PlayStation 5 titles, and most are AAA game studios.
  • PlayStation has acquired a mobile game studio recently, and the game could be a PlayStation 5 port of the mobile game Reach, but the possibility is low as the game is supposed to be exclusive to PlayStation 5, and reach is already on mobile.

Reach, the title in question is a PlayStation 5 Exclusive confirms that the possibility of it being Halo: Reach is almost non-existent. Halo is an Xbox exclusive, and there have been hardly any Xbox exclusives that were ported to the PlayStation, let alone Halo, an IP owned by Microsoft.

There are multiple possibilities of what kind of title it is and what company is working on it currently. The information currently available about Reach is very obscure, and there’s hardly anything to distinguish it from other leaks.

Firstly, some game companies currently working with Sony to make PlayStation 5 titles. The list will only contain companies currently working with Sony, and the projects they are working on are still to be announced.

  • Kojima productions: unannounced project, but leaks suggest DeathStranding 2.
  • Remedy: unannounced project. xDev hiring for the project.
  • Arrowhead: unannounced AAA next generation 3rd person shooter game. Leaks suggest Helldivers 2.
  • Camouflaj: new AAA project in development according to job listings.
  • Square Enix: unannounced title.
  • First Contact Entertainment: Making a PSVR2, but since PSVR2 is still yet to be released, this studio can be ruled out as PSVR2 will be released next year.
  • Lucid Wushu: Rumored to be working with PlayStation again.
  • Atlus: Working on an unannounced project but can be ruled out as well cause it’s rumored to be creating Persona 6 timed exclusive.
  • FromSoftware: Working on an unannounced project. An exclusive title for the PlayStation 5. Sony has made a Multi-year/Game partnership with FromSoftware.

Most studios with PlayStation are confirmed to be working on PSVR2 titles, which is set for release on February 22, 2023. So there might be some connection between the PSVR2 with the upcoming unannounced PlayStation title.

That’s the extent of information currently found about the new PlayStation 5 Reach exclusive title. Hopefully, the official announcement will pop up soon, and we will surely update you here. If you would like to contribute some information, please do so, and if you have any other opinions, please tell us in the comments section.

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