New Resident Evil 4 Leaks Surfaced On Internet

We have new Resident Evil 4 Leaks that allegedly reveal more about the game and what has changed from original to remake.

Resident Evil 4 Leaks
Resident Evil 4 Leaks

The remakes of Resident Evil games have taken off a lot in popularity and financial success, so it is no surprise that RE4 is in development, and we have new Resident Evil 4 leaks. These leaks come from an IGN writer who decided to post the developments on a Reddit thread going by the name Kane.

They say this comes from a tester Capcom brought in to test a new game build. The writer says to take all this with a grain of salt because this could still be an early game build.

What Was In The Resident Evil 4 Leaks?

Resident Evil 4
Resident Evil 4

The leaks covered a few different things about the game, so why will we break this down further into a section for each? The different leaks covered everything from game length to character interaction within the game. The game had to have been decently far along, but since there were no images, it seems likely to still be in or near alpha.

Character Interaction

Resident Evil 4 Character
Resident Evil 4 Character

There was quite a bit in this leak about these, so it seems this will be an essential part of the story. One of the first things in the leak was that there is now a file documenting a continuing dialogue between Leon and Clair from RE2. It would seem that the two kept up with each other after the Raccoon City incident. It isn’t much, but it is more than we have had in other titles.

Another prominent character interaction will be Leon meeting up with Ada Wong. He had no idea that she had survived after the Raccoon City incident, and this will be their first meeting. The leak stressed that this would be an emotional and vital moment in the game.

The last leak sounds more like a cameo than an actual game part. But the leak states that Albert Wesker will be in the game. He will appear towards the end but will have minimal involvement in the plot and be present at the end of the game. What role he will play was not revealed in the leak.

Character Costumes

There will be some returning character costumes and new ones to use in the game. Most notably, Leon’s RPD and Mafia costumes will return this year. So will Ashley’s pop star custom, but it is be altered slightly.

Leon will also be getting a new costume in the form of a grey shirt and jeans that will be his civilian outfit. Ashley has also lost her armor as an interesting redesign choice.

Game Length And Other Info

Resident Evil 4
Resident Evil 4

The other two pieces of information in the leak involved the game lengths and the soundtrack. The first is that the game length has been reduced in this remake, and the only time frame we were given was that it is longer than Village. This news will be disheartening for some, as RE4 was not a long game. The second piece was that the soundtrack would be similar to the original but focused on being creepier.

Some of these leaks are surprising, but whether they are true or not, we will keep you updated on the latest news.

Source: Reddit

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