New Star Wars RTS Could Be Well Underway

Latest details reveal that a New Star Wars RTS could be on the way and if this is true it could be a whole new era for Star Wars Games

A New Star Wars RTS Could Be On The Way
New Star Wars RTS Could Be On The Way

It has been 17 years since the release of Star Wars: Empire at War, and with it, the last time that Star Wars fans could play an RTS game. The game is still a beloved classic, but it is more than a little outdated by now. But the good news is that a new Star Wars RTS could be on the way, and from the sounds, it could be announced sooner than we think. 


  • A new line of Star Wars games has been coming out over the last few years, but one of the few genres that have been missing is the area of RTS.
  • We might be getting a brand new RTS, which could come soon.

When it comes to Star Wars, there has never been a limit to the types of games they have produced. Everything has been from fighting games to X-wing simulator games and any number of games in between. There has even been a Star Wars dance game, so there is really no limit to what can be a game for the franchises.

Even with all of these entries, one of the largest and most popular in the franchise was Star Wars: Empire at War. It was thrilling to command major factions with either the Empire or the Rebellion. Unlike many other strategy games, these two felt distinctively different, and when the DLC for the criminal faction was added, it kicked the game up even further.

The real question isn’t if there should be another Star Wars RTS but why there isn’t another one already. But we have been waiting a long time for another, nearly twenty years. But now we may finally be getting a new one. This is only hinted at in a leak on Twitter, so let’s see what we know.

According to Andy Robinson on his Twitter account, he has heard that there will be a new Star Wars RTS game. Not only did he say that a new one was underway, but he also hinted that it was very close to being announced. This seems to suggest that the game has been developing for a while.

There have been some questions about what strategy game it would be. But even in the hint, Andy Robinson points to it being an RTS. It could be fantastic to see what an updated Star Wars RTS would look like.

It would be interesting if the game allowed players to use any faction by leaping through the different eras. We could also see things like updated hero units and maybe even content outside the films.

This gives us a lot to look at and think about while we wait for more news on the game. We will keep out for any more info drops on this new title.

That is all that we have on the fact a New Star Wars RTS could be on the way.

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