New Total War Title Has Seemingly Leaked

It appears that a new Total War title has leaked and it will be an exciting new addition set in Egypt, somewhere players have never been.

New Total War Title Has Leaked
New Total War Title Has Leaked

Total War has been one of the longest-lasting and best-selling strategy games out there for some time, with games that put you in command of everything from Roman legions to American revolutionaries and even the fantasy armies of War Hammer. Because of this, the series has developed a massive fan base that is always clamoring for the next title, and now we might know what is next.


  • A new Total War game is on the way, and it was originally found on the official site.
  • The title appears to be Total War Pharaoh, but this is likely a temporary title for development.
  • Many are speculating that game will be a saga game rather than a main title, and there might be a good reason for this.

To say that the Total War series is at a high point would be an understatement. Between the release of Total War Warhammer 3 and Total War: Rome, the series has proven that it is interested in releasing games every year with quality.

Total War games have been released every year for the past seven years. With that kind of release schedule, it wasn’t so much if we would be getting another game but when and what it would be about.

It was recently discovered that in a listing of all the games on the Total War site, there was one that no one recognized. The title is Total War Pharaoh, and it tells us a few things to expect about the upcoming game.

Total War Pharaoh
Total War Pharaoh

For one thing, the game will be set in ancient Egypt though we don’t know what era yet. Another thing that we learned is that this won’t be called this as the title is in lowercase, suggesting that it is a placeholder name.

Ancient Egypt was a broad time, and it could lend itself quite well to the format for which the Total War games are known. One aspect is large armies clashing on the sand, but the Egyptians were prolific explorers and builders.

It would be easy to see the developers using some previous systems to allow players to explore the world or upgrade cities and units. The Egyptians also had contact with several other civilizations, so it could be interesting to see those come up.

The last thing we should review is exactly what type of Total War game this will be. Does anyone think that because of the title, this entry will be a Total War Saga game and not a main entry? This is a little incorrect as saga games are main entries but set in specific periods with specific historical characters.

This is a great choice for Egypt as there were a lot of pivotal moments throughout that ancient period. Only time will tell what they will pick, so we will keep a lookout.

That is all we have on the fact a new Total War title has leaked.

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