New Valorant Patch Might Change The Meta According To Leaks

December will be an important month for Valorant as the newest patch could totally shift the game's meta if the leaks are true.

New Valorant Patch
New Valorant Patch

There has not been a meta-defining Valorant patch for a long time. The most recent patch that shook up the meta was back in October, which introduced some map changes and changes to the flash meta. But this wasn’t enough to have much of an effect on the game’s meta.


  • The New Valorant patch coming in December will change the meta.
  • We can expect a change to Chamber that will hopefully end its dominant pick rate in-game.
  • The new patch might also change the map pool, where we might see SPLIT make a comeback and another map being rotated out.

According to the Twitter user ValorLeaks, a reliable source for Valorant leaks and news, December will be a good month for VALORANT. According to the tweet, map rotations, agent tweaks, and new solutions to combat smurfing are coming to Valorant. Moreover, these changes will be available on the Public Beta Environment (PBE) this Friday.

Since last year, the most-played agent in the game’s ranked queue, and an eSports scene has been Chamber. Pro and casual players have grown tired of seeing the same agent appear in their games. The developers have nerfed the agent twice now, but still, it continues to dominate the agent pick rate.

According to the latest leaks, a new and possibly important Chamber nerf is coming. Hopefully, it will have significant impacts as players have requested a nerf for quite some time. If the leaks are true, it could significantly affect the game’s meta as players will learn to move away from Chamber.

The tweet also mentions changes to the game’s map pool. The map SPLIT was rotated out of the map pool after the release of Pearl. Riot Games took this decision based on player sentiment and pro-player feedback. The map was unavailable for play in the ranked queues and eSports matches. But now we may see the map make a comeback in the map pool, as per the confirmation from the leak.

This also raises the question of the following map to be rotated out of the pool. Players have different opinions on which map to rotate next, but we will see that in the next patch.

This new Valorant patch will also introduce an update to combat smurfing in the game. Smurfing is when high-ranked players make a new account and play in ranks below them. The experience of low-ranking players who are not used to facing high-ranked opponents is ruined. Smurfing has been a massive problem since the start of the game. The new leak confirms that the new patch will address this problem in detail.

Although these leaks look uplifting to many players, developers do not confirm the patch. For that instance, these details should be taken with a grain of salt and wait for the official announcement.

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