Microsoft’s “Wasteland” Trademark Might Mean New Entry The Series

A new Wasteland trademark was spotted and it has the whole Wasteland fanbase wondering if they are about to get a new game.

New Wasteland Trademark
New Wasteland Trademark

There is a new trademark filed for the Wasteland series, and it has put the whole Wasteland fandom into a tailspin. It is because this new Wasteland trademark can mean one of two things, a completely new game or a remake of the original title.


  • A new trademark was filed for the Wasteland series by Microsoft.
  • The series fans immediately noticed the trademark and started speculating on what it could be.

There’s always a certain number of options whenever a gaming company files a trademark. Sometimes it is an indication the company just wants to hold onto the IP so they can have its continued use in the future. Sometimes it means the company is looking to make a new entry in that particular series. And there can be a few different versions of what a new entry means.

New Wasteland Trademark
New Wasteland Trademark

In the case of Wasteland, there are two different ways that a new entry for the series could be made. The first of these would be a remake of the existing titles, such as the original Wasteland but rebuilt from the ground up with a different engine. The second option is that they could be making an all-new entry in the series.

Interestingly, while some fans speculate that it could be a remake, many more are considering it could be a new game. Many hope it will be a completely different genre if it is a new game, like what Fallout 3 did. That would mean altering the game so that you assume direct control of a character and their adventures instead of the turn-based tactics RPG it is now. Whether this is feasible or not for the Wasteland franchise remains to be seen, but it would undoubtedly have the fanbase to try.

For the uninitiated players, Wasteland is an open-world RPG as a predecessor to Fallout games. The original title was released in 1998, while the latest Wasteland 3 Colorado Collection also received warm approval from the community.

That is all that we have on the new Wasteland trademark.

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