New WB Montreal Multiplayer DC Game Is Under Development

A new WB Montréal multiplayer DC Game is under development and latest info gives us a little peak at the coming game.

WB Montreal Working On Next Multiplayer Game
WB Montreal Working On Next Multiplayer Game

WB Montréal is a name that many current-gen players are already well aware of after the release of Gotham Knights. Even though fans were aware of their development of the next title, we now know it will be a new WB Montréal multiplayer DC Game.


  • We have looked at the new WB Montréal Game via some LinkedIn posts on Twitter.
  • The game can potentially be a few different eating titles ranging from teen Titans to green lanterns.

The fact that WB Montreal had been working on a new game that had been known for a while isn’t unexpected. Most game companies have multiple projects lined up at any given time, and it’s not like Gotham knights was the studio’s first project. This does leave many wondering what the game will be and what it will play like. However, this new title is not another entry in the recently released Gotham Knights.

The first thing we know for sure is that they are already hiring for this new title, and the second is that it will be multiplayer. We know both things from Linkedin posts that James Sigfield has reposted on Twitter. The posts are calling for two jobs to fill for the game so far.

One of these is the senior concept artist, one of the critical roles at this stage of development. The senior concept artist will be the one responsible for the whole look of the game, from characters to environments.

The second job posting involves finding the senior gameplay programmer for the title. This job also mentions that it would be a plus if the candidate had experience with multiplayer architecture.

This has led many people to believe that the game itself will be a multiplayer title, and I would have to agree. This is the direction many companies are taking their games for better monetization, which seems likely here as well.

This does leave us with the exciting question of what the game will be about, though. So that is what we will speculate on next.

There is no current information about the game, but there are some speculations and rumors that we can make off of what we know. We know that the game will be multiplayer, and it won’t have to do with Gotham knights. This does leave us with a few options.

There are a few different super teams in the DC universe that they could use for the game. The Suicide Squad is already underway from Rocksteady, and it is unlikely that a lesser-known team like Doom Patrol would get a triple-A game. This leaves us with three options, the Justice League, Teen Titans, or one of the Superfamilies.

Justice League or Teen Titans are good bets because they are both top-rated superhero teams. Each of these teams has encompassed some of the most beloved DC characters, and it would be possible to see either in a Gotham Knights-style game. The two teams’ large rosters would also give the devs plenty of characters to choose from.

The last option would be to use one of the superfamilies like the way that Gotham Knights did. I have seen that some people were hoping for a superman game, in which case they could use the Superman family. Another good option could be the Shazam family, which would lend itself to a similar gameplay style. The last one I have seen suggested, but I think it’s the least likely, is the possibility of a Green Lantern Corps game.

While I would genuinely love any of these games, I think Justice League, Teen Titans, or the Superman family are the most likely. That is all we have on the new WB Montréal multiplayer DC Game.

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