CD Projekt Red Is Expanding The Next Witcher Game Team

A recent graph on twitter shows that CDK Project Red is expanding the next Witcher Game Team and is pulling that from some other projects.

New Witcher Game
New Witcher Game

CD Projekt Red has received much attention lately regarding their upcoming projects. Ranging from patching Cyberpunk 2077 to announcing a remake of the first Witcher game. One of the most significant pieces of news is that CD Projekt Red is expanding the next Witcher Game Team.


  • CD Projekt Red is expanding the team for the new Witcher sequel that is coming.
  • The studio is also shrinking some of the teams, including the support team for Cyber Punk 2077.

CD Projekt Red has released a graph of all the projects they are working on and the teams working on them. Over time we can see how the teams are distributed and which games they favor. Thanks to the latest data, we can see that the company is moving people away from projects like Cyberpunk 2077 support and into the DLC for that game and new projects.

One of the new projects we see getting a lot of attention is Project Polaris. Project Polaris is the as-of-yet untitled Witcher sequel that the company is making. They have been very tight-lipped on the project so far, but as more work is done, we will learn more as we go forward.

The 4th Witcher game is an enigma to everyone; no one knows what it will be about. Some people are speculating that it could be a direct sequel following Ciri. Others hope for a prequel set in the golden age of Witchers. Some even hope it might be a multiplayer title set in that era. We won’t know more until later, but it is a good sign that production is beginning to ramp up for the title.

As for now, we know that the CD Projekt Red has 2nd most developers working on the new Witcher game. For now, it is under the pre-development phase, and hopefully, we might be able to see more details in the future.

That is all we have on the fact that CD Projekt Red is expanding the next Witcher Game Team.

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