New Image From Phil Spencer Teasing Xbox Streaming Stick

A new image from Phil Spencer is also hinting at the Xbox Streaming Stick, also known as the project Keystone.

New photo of the Xbox Streaming Stick Cover Image
New photo of the Xbox Streaming Stick

Microsoft has always been one of the companies trying to push gaming technology, and now it appears they are trying to do so again with the new Xbox Streaming Stick. This stick will be a revolutionary piece of technology, and now we have our first look at it. This information comes to us from Phil Spencer, who recently posted an image on Twitter.

Key Highlights

  • An image from Phil Spencer hints at the project Keystone or Xbox Streaming Stick.
  • The project Keystone related to the Xbox Streaming Stick will be one of the most advanced and valuable pieces of gaming technology that we have seen in a while because of its ease of use.
  • We might expect the device to drop within the following year.

New Xbox Streaming Stick Phil Spencer
New Xbox Streaming Stick Image From Phil Spencer

The image was originally posted by Phil Spencer, claiming he was just showing off loot at a new vault boy statue. Of course, eagle-eyed observers noticed a background detail that had significant implications.

On the top shelf of Phil’s office was a short white box with the Xbox symbol on it. This was when viewers figured out that they had just seen one of the first images of the Xbox Streaming Stick.

Many, like Nibel, took to Twitter to point out what some had noticed, but many had missed the post. They even went as far as to post a town image of the stick that gives us a slightly better look at the device.

This picture isn’t a lot to confirm as of now. But still, it paints an interesting picture.

The Xbox Streaming Stick will be an innovative device that lets players stream games from the Xbox Cloud. The device will be able to plug right into the tv, and all you will need is the internet and an Xbox controller. This would reduce a fair amount of playable functionality, but it also brings in some excellent benefits.

The most significant benefit you can expect with the Xbox Streaming Stick is that it will be far cheaper than any of the Xbox consoles. This makes it an excellent way for people to get into playing the Xbox console with dropping a fortune on hardware. This could grow the Xbox user base exponentially.

As of now, we don’t have any confirmed date or even an implied one other than one year. That is a huge window and not even a reliable one, as projects in the gaming industry often run behind rather than on time. Because of this, it seems likely that we won’t see the device for at least a year, but if we are lucky, we could see it by the holiday season of 2023.

That is about it for Xbox Streaming Stick, but we will keep an eye out for it in the future. You can also share your thoughts about the Phil Spencer hinting on the device in the comments section below.

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