New Zelda TOK Leaks Give A Better Look At The Game

All new Zelda TOK leaks give a better look at the game and it is looking like this game may surpass Breath of the Wild.

New Zelda TOK Leaks Give A Better Look At The Game
New Zelda TOK Leaks Give A Better Look At The Game

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is quickly rising to become one of the top anticipated games of 2023. It was already that for many, but as more information comes out about the game, it is clear that this aims to impress and go further than its predecessor. The new Zelda TOK leaks give a better look at the game, and the latest comes from a poster on Twitter. So let us see what we have learned about the game.


  • Several leaks have come out about Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom, and they are starting to paint a picture of what we will get to do in the game.
  • We have looked at some promotional art for the game that ties it to the switch.
  • Some of the new mechanics that are planned for the game have also been leaked.

Zelda Breath of the Wild was a massive leap forward for the series with features that immersed players in Hyrule and Link’s journey. The sequel to such a game would have to raise the standard even further to entertain players. It does seem that Tears Of The Kingdom is aiming to do just. So let us take a look at what both the new features and the latest promotional material will be.

We got this information from a Reddit post and some actual posts from Jiulink Hua on Twitter. We don’t know much about this poster, but some have noticed that they use translation software. Specifically Japanese to English software, one wonders if this may be an inside source leaking this information.

The first thing we have seen from this poster’s leaks is the new Switch Tears of the Kingdom edition. This doesn’t tell us much about the game other than that Nintendo will be diving deep into the game’s advertising. It is a nice-looking Switch design, and it keeps the etched patterns that we have seen in some of the trailers throughout the design.

Next, we have learned that The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom will implement new mechanics and features to increase the game’s scope. The biggest is the ability to craft new weapons and items from enemy creatures. We don’t have any pictures or firm details, but this sounds like it will be a major and important part of the game. I think players will love being able to go full monster hunter here.

This comes off the back of the TOK art book that leaked only a few days ago. That also gave us a decent look at the game and what we could expect to see. Of course, art books often use unfinished models, so there are bound to be surprised in store for when we actually play the game. I am sure there will be, though, as most Zelda games tend to impress.

That is all that we have on the new Zelda TOK  leaks to give a better look at the game. While you are here, why not check out our article on Monolith Productions To Keep Multiple Work Options As Activision-Blizzard Gets Rid Of Theirs.

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