Ninja Storm Character Roster Seemingly Leaked

Latest news revealed Ninja Storm leak show the character roster and some other technical details about the coming game.

Ninja Storm Character Roster Leaked
Ninja Storm Character Roster Leaked

To say that Ninja Storm is a popular game franchise might be one of the biggest understatements that one could make. Of course, being attached to a series like Naruto will do that for a game, and these are largely considered the best of all games attached to a franchise. So it isn’t surprising that people are always looking for news on the next game in the franchise, and now we have just that. Among other details, the Ninja Storm Character Roster has been leaked.


  • There has been a leak of the new Ninja Storm game, giving us some good details about the game.
  • One of the biggest reveals in the leak has been some of the character rosters being identified.
  • Other aspects of the leak include discussing some of the technical aspects of the game and items like its potential release date.

I suppose that the headliner amount many significant pieces of news among this was the reveal of the character roster. This isn’t the whole character roster but new ones that are being added specifically for this game. Another character may or may not be new, but that is different. For now, we will only talk about going over the total characters.

The current new roster is.

  • Kawaki
  • Shikadai
  • Anko
  • Kurenai
  • Baryon Naruto
  • Menma
  • Ishikki
  • Cho Cho
  • Konohamaru Adult

This new roster is not exactly surprising, given the shift to include Boruto in the next generation and update the game with those stories. Even with that, though, some of the characters here are surprised to see on the list.

Kurenai and Anko are surprising but welcome additions to the cast for those characters’ fans. I am sure that many will also be excited for the opportunity to play as Shikadai, who, like his dad, seems to be popular with fans.

It is also interesting that Baryon mode Naruto is listed as his character rather than being a skin for regular Naruto. That makes me wonder if he will have different stats and abilities than regular Naruto. He will likely be some kind of late unlock character that you will get through story mode. The last character of note is the one that I mentioned earlier, Menma.

Now the leaker was not certain if he would be a stand-alone character or if he would be an alternate skin for someone else. Either way, it will be the character’s first appearance in the ninja storm series, so that will be interesting for fans.

In addition to the character roster, some technical details were revealed in the leak. The first one of these is the fact that Indra and Asura will be getting some remapping done to their characters. This update will affect their movement, their Jutsu for the game, and their role in the story.

We also got a little info on the updates that are being made to the teammate system. The most apparent change to the system is that teammates will now have health bars even when off-screen. How this will function in the game is unsure, and while they may be healthy, they could also be something else.

The last thing we learned was that the story mode would revolve around different stories from various ninjas throughout the Shinobi world. This mode will allow the player to hopefully use many of the new and returning characters to the series to get the full experience.

We also got some possible release date information from this leaked character roster of Ninja Storm, and it would put the game out for release by about October 20th. This timing would coincide with the anniversary of the first Ninja Storm game.

A special day to be sure, and one that would make a lot of sense for the company to pursue. This date is especially fortunate since this year is the 20th anniversary of the Naruto franchise, so it will be doubly important for the game. We also learned when we might see how true this game is, which will be in April. This will be April 4th, but it wouldn’t surprise me if that gets moved up or down depending on other factors. Either way, it will be interesting to see how much of this turns out to be true or not when the trailer drops.

As you might imagine, any kind of leak will draw a reaction, especially when it is for a series as old and as beloved as the Ninja Storm series. The interesting thing is just how tame the audience’s reaction has been to this news. Don’t get me wrong, some people doubted the leak, which is fair, but others were more open than you might think.

I suspect that the open-mindedness that we have seen in the audience is due to some other rumors and leaks that have been seen, as well as the game’s official confirmation. Because of that, some were skeptical that everything was correct but seemed to think it was on the right track. Others were just excited to see characters they liked in the game.

When it comes to a like this, it is always important to remember just how valid it could be. This leak seems valid as it has a lot of technical information and some matches with other leaks and previous rumors.

The leaker did not identify themselves; it did not come from any of the usual leak sources. They seemed to know what they were discussing and had some insider info on the project.

They also specified that they had not played the game, but due have this information. This seems to suggest that they are somehow involved in the game’s development. So this helps add to some of the logic that you would want to be able to believe the leak. You can check out the leak on Reddit.

That is all we have on the Ninja Storm Character Roster leaked.

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