Nintendo Could Release A New Update On Zelda TOTK

An update to the Nsuids means that Nintendo could be releasing a new update on Zelda TOTK and it has fans excited.

Nintendo Could Be Releasing A New Update On Zelda TOTK
Nintendo Could Be Releasing A New Update On Zelda TOTK

The fact that we have so little info on Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom is a good sign to many, as it means that Nintendo is taking it seriously. But what makes fans even more excited is that Nintendo could release a new update on Zelda TOTK. To say that fans have been clamoring for more would be an understatement. So let’s look at all we know and see what might be in this new release.


  • Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom has had it’s Nsuids altered, suggesting it will get an update soon.
  • For those uninitiated, Zelda’s Tears Of The Kingdom is the sequel to Breath Of The Wild.
  • The game promises a series of new features and a new story that continues from the same continuity as Breath Of The Wild.
  • This game will be released on the Switch instead of a next-gen Nintendo console.

We have known about Zelda Tears of The Kingdom under its official name for a while now, and we even knew about the title before it got its official name. It was voted the most anticipated game even before we had the title. So to say that fans are always in a state of wanting to know more about the game would be an understatement.

The good news is that fans may be getting that info drop they have been desperate for. This was initially posted on Resetera by user Neoxon.

Nintendo Nsuids update
Nintendo Nsuids update

An eagle-eyed observer has noticed that the Nsuids for both Zelda TOTK and Advanced wars have been updated. This usually only occurs when Nintendo is getting ready to drop some information on the game. This release usually takes the form of an official trailer or sometimes even a full showcase.

Many people have also noted the timing of this particular update coincides with the upcoming Nintendo earnings call and other new year business addresses. It is common for the company to put out new info on their upcoming titles during this period to help drum up interest. Because of where this is located, it is rarely just thirty-second clips and tends to be presentations of what the game can do.

So we should be excited to see what Tears Of The Kingdom will be like. All we know about it now is that it is a direct sequel to Breath Of The Wild and will progress the story forward. We know that Link and Zelda will appear in the game and are confronting yet another disaster threatening the world. We still don’t know much about the game mechanics, but climbing and gliding seem to be returning features with the appearance of floating islands.

There isn’t much other information we can gather from just the Nsuids being updated, but we do at least know that Zelda won’t be alone. Advanced Wars 1+2: ReBoot Camp got one of these so it will be showcased during the same time frame as Zelda TOTK. It will be interesting to see if other titles will receive this update before February.

That is all we have on the fact that Nintendo could release a new update on Zelda TOTK.

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