Ed Boon Says NRS Won’t Be At The Game Awards

Ed boon says NRS won't be at the Game Award, as per the announcement on Twitter and the studio's fans are not happy about it.

Ed Boon Says NRS Won't Be At The Game Awards
Ed Boon Says NRS Won't Be At The Game Awards

NetherRealm Studios had a lot of success over the last few years with the latest releases. Mortal Kombat and Injustice 2 have left the community wanting more from the Studio, and many were hoping we would get an announcement with the upcoming Game Awards. Sadly Ed Boon says NRS won’t be at the Game Awards, which has caused quite a stir.

The reactions range from wondering if four years is enough for a new game to outright disbelief. There are a few different reasons for these reactions, and that is because of how NetherRealm Studios releases games.


  • NetherRealm Studios has confirmed that they will not attend the Game Awards, thanks to Ed Boon.
  • The Studio had previously announced MK11 at the Game Awards 4 years ago, and many had been hoping for a repeat act this year.
  • The audience’s reaction was either disappointment or disbelief due to the Studio’s previous habit of trolling the audience.

CCO of NetherRealm Studio Ed Boon tweeted that the Studio would not attend the Game Awards this year. This was met by two reactions from the audience that were either sadness or disbelief. The sadness is easy enough to understand because many hoped for a title announcement. We don’t know what the next game will be at this point in time, which is a bit frustrating, considering it has been developing for a while.

So while all of these reactions make sense, the one that many are also taking away in some confusion is disbelief. This is because, over the years, NetherRealm and Ed Boon have made many trolls moves on their audience. The previous announcement of MK11 was one of these, which is why many were hoping for a repeat this year.

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