Official Valorant Tournaments Are Coming And Will Change The Game Entirely

Official Valorant Tournaments Are Coming and they are going to shake up the whole game from rankings to how Valorant points are earned.

Official Valorant Tournaments Are Coming Cover Image
Official Valorant Tournaments Are Coming

Valorant has become one of the most popular fps games to base tournaments around, and now it seems that official Valorant tournaments are coming. This information is a leak from Valorant on Twitter, and they have been one of the most reliable Valorant followers and leakers.


  • Tournaments are going to be implemented inside of valorant.
  • These tournaments will have new rules and rewards for players who want to participate in them.
  • There is no full coverage of this, but it will likely happen soon.

Valorant Shattered
Valorant Shattered

This initial announcement would probably seem confusing at first, as there are already a bunch of Valorant tournaments, but this makes it seem different. Instead of just being something played outside of the game, it will now have real effects inside it.

These changes include rules to follow, how it is organized, and how it rewards the player. The original leak comes from Valorant Leaks on Twitter.

We now know this new tournament system will have a minimum entry level. This restriction makes sense, as you do not want brand-new players fighting veterans in this setup. Without this rule, it could have a disastrous grading curve for the whole community and the game itself.

It has also been revealed that the game’s tournament mode will break players into different divisions. We don’t know the criteria for the different divisions, but if I had to guess, I think it would be based on level.

We know there will be a minimal entry-level, so why not separate that further so the power or experience differences wouldn’t be so bad? There could also be other types of divisions, but we won’t know until it comes out.

The last significant effect this will have on the game is that it will allow players to earn points for competing in the tournaments. This reward means that you can earn money from competing in and most likely winning these tournament games. This reward is still an in-game currency, but I imagine this will be a big draw for many if it turns out to be true.

Valorant Call Of The Worthy
Valorant Call Of The Worthy

If the leak is correct and this will happen the way they say it will, we can look forward to this by the end of the year. I have even seen other posters mention specific episodes, but that wasn’t covered in the original, so I am unsure. Either way, it sounds like this is going to be a full feature sooner rather than later.

Valorant Warm Up
Valorant Warm Up

There is not much information about this new feature, and I cannot find an official announcement or information on the Valorant blog. Because of this, it seems likely that we will get full coverage of this soon. The only other thing that has come out about this is some information on the Valorant championships that are happening soon; even then, it does not directly relate to this.

That is all the information we have right now on the official Valorant tournaments.

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