A New Paradox Interactive City Builder On The Way

It looks like a new Paradox Interactive City Builder on the way and it has the studios' entire audience excited for the future.

A New Paradox Interactive City Builder On The Way
A New Paradox Interactive City Builder On The Way

It is easy to see why city builders are a popular but not common type of game. They invite players to be creative and logistically driven and do their best to improve concepts. The requirements for these games are huge, and Sim City is still considered the top of these games. But one company is still trying to reach that level with a new Paradox Interactive city builder on the way.


  • Paradox recently announced that they would be working on a new game.
  • No direct details about the game were released, but several hints were left in the announcement for fans to find.
  • The game does seem to be aiming to be a direct competitor for both Sim City and City Skylines, which the Paradox also makes.

The idea that Paradox is making a new game isn’t exactly surprising as they are one of the biggest strategy game makers on the market, with titles ranging from Stellaris to Crusader Kings. These games are favored in the strategy market for how players can be creative and logistical. So whenever they announce or hint at a new game, people will take notice. Now, this announcement says that they will be announcing three new games, but for now, we will focus on the coming city builder.

So with this announcement, we got a few different hints as to what this new title could be about. The first of these is the fact that city skylines are mentioned directly in the announcement. That isn’t super odd, given that they make the game, and it is the same team potentially doing this new project as this was under Colossal Order. Whether this will be a new City Skylines game or a separate title remains to be seen.

The other big factor released with this announcement is that Rod Humble will join Paradox Tectonic. This game could be the city-building game instead, given that Rod Humble has previously worked on Sims projects. I doubt the Paradox Tectonic title will be the new city builder for two reasons. One is that Humbles experience is a life simulation game like the Sims 2 and 3, and the second is that this section of the announcement mentions Slice of Life.

So it looks like the Colossal Orders will be the City Builder, and it is not to say that other sections on the announcement might not figure in. Interlinked gaming studios often share assets and are personal, so it is possible to see some crossover. Only time will tell exactly what this new city game will be and how it will play. But we will be sure to keep an eye on it for anyone news that you should know.

That is all we have on the fact that a new Paradox Interactive city builder is on the way.

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