Persona 5 Royal On Xbox Is Skyrocketing Up The Charts

Persona 5 Royal on Xbox is climbing that charts on the Xbox store and shows no sign of stopping any time soon.

Persona 5 Royal on xbox is skyrocketing up the charts Cover Image
Persona 5 Royal on xbox is skyrocketing up the charts

The Persona series has always been popular, but now Persona 5 Royal on Xbox has found its home and is starting to boom. The game is climbing the charts on Xbox and is estimated to continue to rise over the coming days.

Story Highlights

  • Persona 5 Royal performance is booming on the Xbox charts with claiming the spot of 16th to 13th in just a day.
  • The game’s performance is boosted because of its already hot popularity in the gaming community.
  • Even though games take time to claim the top spots on the charts, the Persona 5 Royal Gamepass release pushes the JRPG popularity even further.

This information comes to us from Benji-Sales over on Twitter. They have been covering this for a while and talking about how Persona 5 Royal would grow on Xbox. We are watching in real-time as the game continues climbing the charts.

Just recently game moved from the 16th spot to the number 13 spot on the same day. A game moving up that quickly is impressive on its own, the fact that it’s happening on the same day, it is becoming fascinating. We got that from the latest tweet that Benji-Sales put out. They had covered the game since before its release and tracked its progress.

Benji-Sales has gone on to say that it would be fantastic if the game could reach the top 10 on the Xbox charts. He thinks it would be incredible if the game could get to the number 6 or 5 spot, as JRPGS do not usually get this high on the charts. But only time will tell if this will happen.

There are a couple of reasons why Persona 5 is charting so well right now. One of them is that this is the first time Persona 5 Royal has been released on Xbox. This game franchise was already famous, and a new entry on Xbox just gave the fans something to consume. This has been one of the latest entries as a franchise, so I am sure it helped.

Another reason this game might be so popular is that the JRPG is returning now. Before the last two years, you could count the amount of released JRPGs on your hands. Now though, we are about to receive a whole bunch of titles in this gaming style. This also correlates to the game’s popularity because Persona was one of the few JRPG titles being put out.

Persona 5 Royal follows many of the same beats as other series entries. A protagonist is given the ability to access personas and a magical entity that can be collected. These entities have various skills that you can use to win other combat encounters. Along the way, you will make friends with their Persona and skill sets. Together you will work all the way to destroy the evil plaguing your town or city and live happily ever after.

This is all we know about Persona 5 Royal on Xbox for now, but we will let you know if there is more news in the future.

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