Persona 6 Is Well Under Development

Latest report reveals that Persona 6 is well under development and it has gone so far as to take resources from other Persona games.

Persona 6 Is Well Under Development
Persona 6 Is Well Under Development

Few games have more active projects in development than the Persona series. Three confirmed games are on the horizon for the series, and there was a fourth in development for a long time. But the question has been which of these games we would be getting first, and now it appears that Person 6 is well under development. 


  • Persona has had multiple projects in development for the last few years with the intent to release them back to back.
  • Because these games were all being developed simultaneously, there was a question about which would release first, but now we know it will be Persona 6.
  • There were originally four titles in development, but one was dropped for an unknown reason.

It makes sense for a studio with a popular franchise to make multiple entries at once, especially if their series has a proven track record over multiple games. This is the case with the Persona series, which has had multiple successful entries and a massive fan base. That is why Atlus has been developing four Persona titles, three of which are getting close to release.

The one that we know will be first will be Persona 6. The studio has gone so far as to put the resources from the other two titles into P6 to complete it faster. We know all of this thanks to details from みどりon Twitter.

The game will likely use many of the narrative elements of previous games and add new mechanics. The funny thing about the Persona games is that they don’t stray too far from their original premise. This makes the games so popular with their audience, so it does not matter how much will change but what new features may be added.

The other games we know are being worked on are Person 3 Reloaded, Persona 5 Asa, and the 4th title. Persona 3 Reloaded will be a remake of Persona 3 with no disclosed changes or alterations at any point in time. Persona 5 Asa is a party game, but we don’t know much about it beyond that. These games are still in the works, according to みどりbut are currently on the back burner.

The last game is rumored to have been canceled, and it is the one that we know the least about. This game may have been an entry in the Persona 5 lineup, but all we know is that this was supposed to be a fighting game.

It sounds like this one may have been silently canceled from how it has been talked about recently. There have been no more updates recently, and it sounds like P3RE and P5 Asa are the priorities after they finish with P6.

That is all we know about the upcoming entry in the Persona series.

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