PlayStation 6 Will Come Out In 2028

Latest news reveal that PlayStation 6 will come out in 2028 and sounds like it will be a big innovation for gaming just based on the games it will have.

PS6 will come out in 2028
PS6 will come out in 2028

Hard to believe that it has been only a few years since the release of the PS5, and now people are talking about when the next generation might come out. In video games, things go a mile a minute, and the next-gen is coming and coming fast.

One of the most interesting facts we have learned is that the PS6 will come out in 2028. This has a lot of interesting effects on the gaming industry and interesting implications for future PS games.


  • The PS6 is rumored to be coming out in 2028, eight years after the PS5.
  • According to reports, this is likely because a PS5 Pro is coming out in 2025.
  • Developers are considering this late development on when and on which console they will release their games too.

It is funny to talk about the next console generation, given that we just got the PS5 a little while ago. Even amusing, given that delayed shipments and a lack of inventory, have kept people from having one for far longer than its release date. But now that people can get ahold of the console, there are already talks about what the next-gen of PlayStation will be.

Interestingly, we have heard of two different releases that are part of the PlayStation next-generation plan. The first of these will be the PS5 Pro and then the PS6. Having multiple consoles on the plan isn’t unusual, but how PlayStation is going about it is a bit different.

PS 5 Controller
PS 5 Controller

The PlayStation 6 is being pushed back because PlayStation already has the PS5 Pro on the schedule. This is being listed as a next-gen console, and while this is true, it is not an all-new system. Instead, it will be an upgraded and expanded model of the PS5 that will accommodate new developments in the last few years. It will be an improvement, but if what we are hearing is correct, it won’t touch the next console.

The PS6 is still in the early stages of development, so we don’t have anything close to specs yet, but what we know is very exciting. For one thing, an eight-year development window leaves them a lot of room for improvement, especially by integrating some of the more advanced components that will come out of the next few years.

We also know several devs are restructuring their schedules to accommodate this time frame. So far, the most significant is Naughty Dog, aiming to release the Last of Us Part III for this console. With the hardware this next generation will be packing, I can’t imagine what games like this will look like.

That is all we know about the next generation of PS consoles, but we will keep an eye out for any more news for you.

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Source: PlaystationLifeStyle.

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