PlayStation All-Stars 2 In Consideration To Be Developed According To Rumors

PlayStation All-Stars 2 might be in development following recent acquisition of EVO by Sony.

PlayStation All-Stars 2 Battle royale
PlayStation All-Stars 2 Battle royale

PlayStation All-Stars 2 is in talks for development as a sequel to the first game released far back. The recent discussions follow up on Sony’s recent Evolution Champion Series (EVO) acquisition. Currently, it’s just rumors and hasn’t been greenlit by Sony officials.


  • Recent rumors suggest that the revival of the All-Star franchise is to replace Smash Bros in the EVO as it has been pulled out of EVO following Sony’s acquisition of EVO.
  • New characters from recent games will make it into the sequel games, but it’s still waiting to be greenlit currently.
  • An official hint made by a Sony-owned Studio in the new God of War games gives weight to the current rumors and practically confirms that it’s in the talks for a sequel.

The first PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale was released in 2012 for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. It was released as a competitor to Smash Bros, which was quite popular then. It didn’t receive quite the recognition then and eventually died out, canceling all its considered updates and sequels.

The game was just like smash bros but contained mostly characters from Sony-owned Intellectual Properties at the time. It flopped because the project was rushed to compete with games with the same set of themes and gameplay, like Smash Bros and Marvel vs Capcom. The game was not as polished as the other games and lacked many features as compared to others; for example, the game lacked character voices which left quite a void for some people.

PlayStation All-Stars 2 Battle Royale, as a sequel to the first game, will include new characters from games that came after the first All-Stars, so it is highly expected that we’ll see Crash, Aloy, Deacon, Ellie, Joel, Spyro, and more characters from Sony Exclusive and even non-exclusive titles as well. And indeed, the previous All-Stars characters will also be included in the sequel.

Currently, Smash Bros is pulled out of EVO, and Sony’s acquisition of Smash Bros created an opportunity for a new game as a void is left behind by the recent title release. So Sony wants to fill that void themselves as there is already a potential game owned by Sony to replace Smash Bros. Hopefully, this time, they will consider polishing it and learning from their past mistakes of a failed project and give out an improved better version of the first game and might even better than Smash Bros.

Also, adding some weightage to the rumors, if you have played the new God Of War Ragnarok, you’ll know this, but for people who haven’t, this might be a minor SPOILER but quite an unexpected Easter Egg by Santa Monica.

This Easter Egg is in which Mimir asks Kratos a question. The question opposed by Mimir is that he questions Kratos fighting in a tournament. As to its answer, Kratos says he has fought in many tournaments. Mimir further explains his question when he says that this one tournament is unique where you being Kratos, fought beasts, scoundrels, princesses, the undead, automatons, and history’s most excellent musicians. This is undoubtedly a reference to PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale and has no alternative explanation whatsoever.

This very unexpected reference to a game that didn’t even sell a lot and was a huge flop might have indirectly confirmed that it’s in the talks for a sequel or might be a coincidence, as this is just speculation. Also, this makes PlayStation All-Stars canon in the God Of War franchise.

PlayStation All-Stars 2 reference in God Of War
Mimir references the character tropes that were in PlayStation All-Star Battle Royale.

That’s all the info we have acquired on the sequel PlayStation All-Stars 2 Battle Royale, and would love to see the franchise getting another chance and hope it would be a success. Expected announcement and greenlit for the game to start development can be expected for the next State of Play, which might occur at the end of this month or the very start of next year.

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