PlayStation London Studio Making A New AAA Title Using A Rebuilt Soho Engine

PlayStation London Studio has announced a new game set in a magical London and made with a complete rebuilt of Soho Engine

PlayStation London Studio New project on rebuilt Soho
PlayStation London Studio new game

In an interview with Stuart Whyte and Tara Saunders, the heads at PlayStation London Studio answered questions like what it feels like to make games in the heart of London, where they confirmed a new PlayStation 5 title. This game is set in a magical version of London, according to Stuart Whyte and the teased concept picture of it.


  • The game’s characters are humanoid fantasy creatures, probably hinting at customizable and multiple types of different character species.
  • The game is confirmed to be a co-op multiplayer with different skills for every character.
  • On the other side, the game will be set in modern-day London.
  • The engine is completely rebuilt to be suitable for the PlayStation hardware.

The concept is unique, where mostly this stuff is only seen in the arts. We can also see a lot of different concepts arising about the setting and the characters just from this one teaser art.

Firstly the playable character will be customizable on a broad range of magical characters. The Character in focus is something like a devil, also supposedly the playable character. There is another character that is hard to describe as to what it is. But it’s totally different from the first character.

The game is confirmed to be a co-op to pursue an excellent storyline together. There will probably be a class system of different types of magical characters; in the art, it could be seen that one is a long-range magic user, and the other is a speed-based face-to-face brawler.

Talking more about the art the game will be set in modern-day London. As the characters could be seen to be wearing casual 21st-century streetwear. Also considering the background, the buildings suggest it to be modern-day London.

PlayStation Studio new game Art
The concept art for the new title of Playstation London Studio

In the interview, the head of PlayStation London Studio confirms that they have rebuilt the Soho Engine from the ground up to deliver a title purely compatible and worthy of the PlayStation 5. They have proved to go with the approach of Guerilla Games to create a good engine and decided to remake Soho, which was initially made for the PlayStation 5.

The Guerilla Games had made Decima for the hardware of the PS4 to deliver a completely unique experience on that last-gen console, and PlayStation London Studio is doing the same but for the PS5. They say they want to make use of the complete hardware of the PlayStation 5 to deliver a game that gives peak performance on the console.

Lately, the studio has been behind many PS5 titles, but they were all VR games. So this time, the new game is confirmed to be a non-VR huge AAA title. This will be the Studio’s most ambitious and huge project yet so far.

Sony is lucky to have Studios with this talent to create great concepts and be creative on massive levels. This creativity is what every studio in the game industry needs.

What do you think about PlayStation London Studio making their first huge AAA game for the first time and the concept of the game and its setting? Tell us about it in the comments.

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