Pokemon’s Upcoming Releases Are Targeting Next Gen Hardware

According to a recent job posting, Pokemon's Upcoming releases are targeting Next Gen Hardware.

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Pokemon's Upcoming releases are targeting Next Gen Hardware

According to a recent job posting, Pokemon’s Upcoming releases are targeting Next Gen hardware. The latest information comes from a Pokemon CG Studio job posting that details hiring a 3DCG Character Modeler. This post and the job listing gave us a look at the potential future of the Pokemon franchise, so let’s discuss all the details for the upcoming Pokemon releases.


  • A recent Pokemon CG Studio job posting is hiring a 3DCG Character Modeler with experience in high-end models for video games.
  • This job listing details Pokemon’s upcoming releases are targeting Next Gen hardware.

Pokemon Pikachu
Pokemon Pikachu

The original post mainly revolves around the Next Gen Hardware usage for the upcoming Pokemon titles. This points to the fact that Pokemon is already looking ahead to for the high performance and graphical improvements. The funny thing about this is that the hardware the Pokemon often runs on gives us some clues about the upcoming releases.

The original job listing is highly detailed and shares some good information about what to expect from the game and the responsibilities for a 3DCG Character Modeler. Some of the more essential details include the fact that the candidate must be good at not only modeling people but also monsters and creatures of unusual design. This is an exciting listing because it suggests the applicant will work on a Pokemon project featuring people and Pokemons in prominent roles.

Another critical aspect of the job listing was the fact that the company had listed working with concept art. It suggests that the person will get to work on creating both previously established Pokemon and new ones. To get the idea, some of the studio’s recent releases include the main Pokemon series and some spinoffs like Pokemon Ranger and Detective Pikachu.

Pokemon Swablu
Pokemon Swablu

Pokemon does not focus on compelling hardware and has two distribution platforms. One is on Nintendo hardware, where most primary and secondary releases are found. Nintendo is the brand that is most often synonymous with the Pokemon franchise.

The other type of hardware that Pokemon releases on is mobile. Mobile is a good platform for Pokemon because it can trace its origin from being a handheld Gameboy title to the multi-million dollar franchise it is now.

There is no doubt that these are the two major platforms that players can expect to see Pokemon releases in the future. However, over the last few months, we have also heard rumors that the Nintendo Switch 2 announcement is possible.

These are primarily rumors, but if Pokemon is developing for future hardware, they may be aware of something we are not. Or they might also be pushing the boundaries to set a new quality standard with mobile gaming. Whatever the case is, we might see another announcement or more details from the franchise soon.

Pokemon Fuecoco
Pokemon Fuecoco

That is about it for Pokemon’s upcoming releases targeting Next Gen hardware. What are your thoughts on the latest news? Share with us in the comments section below.

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