Project: Mara Has Been Filed As A Trademark By Microsoft

According to informant Klobrille, Microsoft has registered Project: Mara as a trademark

project mara
project mara

An informant on Twitter named Klobrille confirms that Microsoft has registered Project: Mara as a trademark. For those who do not know, Project: Mara is an experimental psychological game by Ninja Theory; it was announced in January 2020 with a small teaser. Microsoft acquired Ninja Theory in June 2018 and marked their upcoming games as an Xbox-exclusive title.

Key Highlights

  • Project: Mara will be a horror therapy game to raise awareness about mental health.
  • The game has collaborated with experts to help cope with mental health issues and make the experience realistic.
  • The game will use the psychosis feature from Hellblade, starring an old familiar face.
  • The release date is yet to be confirmed, but we will get some news about the game soon enough.

Project: Mara is an experimental game to raise awareness about mental health issues. Ninja Theory is performing deep research on it, and by taking real-life examples into account, they want to recreate the terror of mental health issues.

They are collaborating with different experts, psychiatrists, and professors to make the game experience as immersive and absorbing as much as they can.

Following the success of Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice, a game by Ninja Theory, they announced Project: Mara.

A big highlight of Hell Blade was how it tackled psychosis and the horrors of the mind while being a traditional action-adventure story-driven game. Project mara will probably put more emphasis on the former and it will also star Melina Jurgens (actress of Senua).

The game’s goal emphasized by Ninja Theory is to help raise awareness about mental health issues and help people better cope with anxiety and fear. Games have been known to help relieve and cope with solving things like stress and other mental problems. So it is no doubt that Ninja Theory can use the psychosis of Hellblade to create a gaming experience that will do wonders.

Project: Mara
Project: Mara

The release date for Project: Mara is yet to be confirmed, and it might not release sometime soon. The reason is that Ninja theory is working on Project: Mara alongside Hellblade 2. Hellblade 2 doesn’t have a confirmed release date yet, either. So it’s safe to say it won’t be released anytime soon.

It is safe to say that Microsoft registering it as a trademark confirms that the script is ready and the game has started active development. We might see some news about both games soon in upcoming events.

Comment down which event you think we will get new announcements about either game by Ninja Theory.

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