PS5 Sales Have Been Highest Since Last Year

PlayStation 5 sales are soaring through the sky as per the latest figures from Financial Analyst David Gibson.

PS5 Sales
ps5 sales and imports

A recent report shows that PS5 sales have been the highest this year. Senior Analyst at MST Financial David Gibson posted a statistical graph of imports of the PlayStation 5 in the US. The graph shows that in September PS5 imports in the US reached their peak with an increase of +400% YoY.

For those who do not know, Year-over-Year (YoY) calculations compare data from one instance or a period to the data one year before it. YoY calculates and compares economic and financial data throughout a specific period.


  • According to the senior financial analyst David Gibson, PlayStation 5 sales are soaring through sky with holiday season coming soon.
  • The PlayStation 5 sales increase is tied to factors like inflation, upcoming holidays, and a famous exclusive title announcement.
  • The PS5 is the most successful console out of all consoles in sales in September.

The sudden increase in PS5 sales has many factors, and one of the most important ones would be the inflation rate. The US Labour Department’s published data on September 13 shows that there’s been a drop in the inflation rate by 0.26%. From 8.52% in July, the inflation rate went down to 8.25% at the end of August.

Another factor in the increase in PlayStation 5 sales and imports would be the holidays, like Christmas coming close. It’s not very surprising that stores are restocking their stock of the PS5, and people are buying their Christmas present for their loved ones early too.

With the God of War Ragnarok releasing on November 9, 2022. It goes without saying that the enormous sales boost also could be because of the game’s announcement. The God of War is a beloved franchise and has made PlayStation successful in sales many times because of its exclusivity. So this time again, God Of War is making billions for Sony.

PS5 sales and import
Data on PS5 imports in US

PS5 and other consoles comparison in sales show that the PS5 is the most successful out of all of them, and it wins by a very huge margin. The YoY for Xbox is only +89% in the US, 311% less than PS5 sales, it seems that Xbox Series X is not doing well in the United States compared to the PlayStation 5

Meanwhile, Nintendo in question isn’t doing well this year either, especially last month. According to data, Nintendo has -59% YoY, but still, the company is at large with productions.

Xbox and Nintendo YOY sales in September
Xbox and Nintendo YOY sales in September(Side-by-Side)

It seems that PS5 is the only console to have massive success in sales. And Sony can use the profit for advertising upcoming God Of War and other upcoming exclusives.

What do you think the future holds for the PS5 or your favorite console, tell us about it down in the comment section.

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