PS5 Slim Could Be Coming This Year

Microsoft FTC Documents hints that a PS5 Slim Could Be Coming This Year, and there could be more with it than just a cheaper console.

"Accessibility Tags roll out this week on PlayStation Store on the PS5 console" | Source: PlayStation.Blog

We have seen several recent reveals of new-gen consoles that might release shortly, and we have another one. This came out from the recent Microsoft documents, and we have gotten several other good pieces of information from these releases, and this is no different. A PS5 Slim could release this year and is an exciting addition to the gaming console market.


  • The PlayStation 5 is one of the best-selling consoles with one of the highest demands on the market.
  • The idea of a PS5 Slim would be a game-changer for both Sony and console fans.
  • The price of this new console would also be a massive difference for players at just under $400.

The concept of a slim console is not new; we have been getting a slim version of consoles since the era of the PS3 and the Xbox 360. Slim consoles can be great for players as they are often cheaper and just as fun to play, not to mention that they are easier to fit into places. Now the PS5 is getting a new slim version, and it could be an excellent addition for those who want a PS5 but cannot pay for a full version. There are some interesting facts about this new console that you should know about.

The first interesting thing about this new PS5 is that Microsoft cites it in their paperwork. This seems to lead to the conclusion that this console is yet another development in the cycle of new consoles that are coming out. This is just the latest console we have heard of in this trend, but that is good news for players as it means a better marketplace.

Document Hinting at PS5 Release Later this Year
Document Hinting at PS5 Release Later This Year

The price of this console is also something that makes it exciting. The alleged price of this new console will be $399. Now this doesn’t sound all that impressive, as the current PS5 Slim is currently on sale for the same price.

This is exciting because this new updated console will be released for the same price. Moreover, we can expect some graphical and quality-of-life improvements for the same price.

With this and the possibility of other consoles from PlayStation releasing soon, it will be an exciting few years for PlayStation fans. We know they plan on releasing a handheld console that will be a direct competitor for the Nintendo Switch. We can also guess that there are at least a few plans for the PS6 in the future.

We can also expect more consoles to be developed by Microsoft in the same period. In the case of Microsoft, they are also developing a new stationary console and a handheld. If there are any more developments that we find out about, we will be sure to report them here.

What are your thoughts on the PS5 Slim release in upcoming months? Let us know in the comments section below.

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