Shoot House And Shipment Map Returns, Raid And Bosses Set To Release In Upcoming Seasons Of MWII

There has been a leak that Raid Bosses coming in MWII season 3, and this could impact the new raid mode that will come out soon.

Raid Bosses coming in MWII season 3
Raid Bosses coming in MWII season 3

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare II has been one of the most well-received Cod games in years, but it is not done yet. @ghostofsaba has reported that not only will raids be a prominent part of season 1, but we will also receive bosses in season 3. Moreover, another leak states that the recent fan favorite Call of Duty maps, Shoot House and Shipment, also returns in season 1.


  • According to a Twitter leak, bosses are coming to raids with season 3.
  • Not just that, but season 1 content may include famous veteran maps, including Shoot House and Shipment.

COD Raid Season 3
COD Raid Season 3


Raids are one of the newer items that Modern Warfare II has been hyping up throughout the last few months. It is supposed to be a vs. mode where two teams of three players will face off. We don’t know yet what that exactly means and whether the teams will fight directly against each other or it will be like a competitive mission. The news of bosses in season three does give an interesting indication.

The inclusion of bosses as of season 3 indicates one of two things. One is that there could be PVE elements to the game. In addition to fighting each other, the teams may have to deal with AI enemies. The other factor could be that bosses are some kind of temporary upgrade for players, like hero characters on the battlefront.

Moving forward, another famous leak we saw is the return of Shoot House and Shipment maps for the latest Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. This leak comes from CharlieIntel on Twitter, giving us a fair amount of look at the maps.

Either of these is an exciting possibility, and it will be interesting to see what comes out of it when we start getting raids. That is all we have on Raid Bosses coming in MWII season 3. As for the official announcement, you may want to keep updated with the Call of Duty Blog for the announcement confirming these leaks.

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