New Railgun Coming To Battlefield 2042 In Season 3

There has been a leak of the new Railgun Coming To Battlefield 2042 in Season 3 and it has left many to wonder what it will do in game.

Railgun Coming To Battlefield 2042 in Season 3
Railgun Coming To Battlefield 2042 in Season 3

Just recently, Battlefield 2042 had a big piece of information leaked ahead of the Season 3 release date. Everything from new classes to new map ideas has been leaked, speculated, and confirmed as we get closer. Now we have discovered that a new railgun is coming to Battlefield 2042, which is coming in Season 3.


  • According to a new leak, a new railgun weapon seemingly coming in Battlefield 2042.
  • It will be a primary weapon for players in the game and will not be a pick-up on the maps.

The latest leak comes from none other but, Temporyal, a famous data miner who gave us a few details about the weapon. For one thing, we know that this will come out with season 3 as a new weapon and that it will be the main equipment for players.

It means that the railgun is something that players will hit the ground at the start of the game. It has also led some to question whether this will be a utility or sniper weapon. According to some speculation, it will be a utility weapon due to some factors we can see in the image.

This will most likely be a utility weapon because of how it is customized. In the image, we can see that it will be a magazine-fed weapon meaning multiple shots, something the sniper-type railgun in Battlefield 3 lacked. It also lacks the length we see on most sniper-type weapons and looks like it is designed more for buildings or vehicles.

It will be interesting to see how this weapon handles when it comes out, but this is all we have on the new railgun coming to the Battlefield 2042. We may also be hearing an official announcement from developers, confirming more details of the upcoming weapon.

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