Real life Cluckin’ Bell, Inspired by GTA, Shut Down by Rockstar Games

Following a cease and desist notice from Rockstar Games, the real-life Cluckin' Bell Restaurant, inspired by GTA, located in San Diego, has ceased its operations.

Real life Cluckin' Bell, Inspired by GTA, Shut Down
Real life Cluckin' Bell, Inspired by GTA, Shut Down

Rockstar Games has recently issued a cease and desist notice for a real-life Cluckin’ Bell Restaurant inspired by GTA.


  • Rockstar Games has recently sent a cease and desist notice to a real-life Cluckin’ Bell Restaurant, which GTA inspired.
  • The San Diego-based restaurant has ceased all its operations.

During recent events, Rockstar Games and Take-Two have been doing several actions that have enraged the fans. Most of these actions have been against the fans. In the latest developments, Rockstar Games has taken severe actions against the leakers who have leaked information and gameplay of GTA. Adding to this, several fans had become a target of these actions. Rockstar Games has recently been trolling fans online about GTA 6 reveal.

Real life Cluckin' Bell Restaurant, Inspired by GTA, Shut Down by Rockstar Games (1)
Following a legal notice from Rockstar Games, the real-life Cluckin’ Bell Restaurant in San Diego has ceased its operations.

The legal team at Rockstar Games has been taking strict measures to target anyone and everyone. In its recent course of action, it has targeted a restaurant in San Diego.

During Comic-Con, artist BoyWorldWide brought his restaurant concept to life, aiming to provide an immersive experience for fans through a unique pop-up art performance. Rockstar Games has notified the restaurant to cease all its operations.

Cluckin’ Bell Restaurant, a fast food chain in the Grand Theft Auto series, offers chicken-based food items and is inspired by popular chains Taco Bell and KFC. The connection is seen through Taco Bell’s bell logo and KFC’s expertise in fried chicken, both owned by the same parent corporation. Cluckin’ Bell appears in several Grand Theft Auto games, such as San Andreas, Liberty City Stories, IV, Episodes from Liberty City, Chinatown Wars, V, and Grand Theft Auto Online.

Moreover, players are experiencing frequent disconnection problems in Red Dead Redemption. These issues lead to the loss of progress. This has compelled players to replay missions due to the absence of a game save option.

Additionally, fans face issues when attempting Posse missions with a full party of four. At least one player is highly likely to experience disconnection. Furthermore, players have reported that the game’s developers offer unhelpful and ineffective customer support.

Thus, all these actions have created quite a rage among fans. What do you think about Rockstar Game and Take-Two implementing these severe measures? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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