Redfall Release Pushed Back To May

Redfall release pushed back to May 2023 and it will help to polish the game before its final release.

Redfall Release Pushed Back To May
Redfall Release Pushed Back To May

Redfall will be one of the more interesting horror-themed games in recent years. With an intriguing premise about vampires taking over a town and a superpowered group of survivors fighting them off, this game shows great promise. But now it seems like the Redfall release is pushed back to May.


  • Redfall has been delayed from its original release date due to internal game development issues.
  • The game’s release date has been moved from March and is speculated to be released in May.
  • Redfall is an action-horror game where you will use supernaturally powered survivors to fight off a plague of vampires.

Redfall has been delayed again, but the good news is that it does not appear to have overtly affected the game’s development. Instead, the delay seems to ensure that the game will be as polished as it can be before its release. This is a good sign for those excited about the game, as it will come out as a complete experience.

Another good news is that Redfall’s release hasn’t moved far, so you won’t have to wait long. The current but unofficial release date is May 2023, moving the game six weeks back from its original date in March. Six weeks isn’t a lot of time in game development, so it is more than likely that these weeks are just for tidying up the game.

We really hope this is the last delay for Redfall, as the game shows a great deal of promise in bringing a new type of vampire game to the console.

That is all we have on the Redfall release pushed back to May. At the same time, while you are here, why not check out our article on Safehouse Inc. Hiring For an Unannounced Project On Unreal Engine.

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