Relic Hunters Legend Release Date Seemingly Confirmed For 2023

Relic Hunters has been indirectly confirmed for 2023 by an official writer in the industry.

Relic hunters release date 2023
Relic hunters release date

Relic Hunters Legend release date is seemingly confirmed for 2023 by a game writer named Jason Bergman. The online co-op game has been confirmed unintentionally by the industry insider. The exact date for the arrival of the Relic Hunters Legends is not confirmed and may be announced separately in upcoming events.


  • The Relic Hunters Legend release date is set for 2023, while further information will be shared on upcoming events, according to speculations.
  • The reason for the delay so far has been the studio growing further with the latest partner with GearBox.

In the current fast-paced world of online competitive shooters, players are always looking to explore new titles and opportunities. Relic Hunters Legends follows a similar wacky free-to-play looter shooter tactic and has been under development for quite some time now.

Relic Hunters Legend has been developing for about four years since it was announced in 2019. The initial release date was for 2020 but was found to be delayed as the development was nowhere near completion. The solid reason behind the delay was probably funding issues, but another major factor was a new partnership of Rogue Snail, developers of the new title with GearBox in talks.

The partnership was a potential delay for the entire game, but most of all, it ended up canceling the early access due in 2020 as well. Surely the change in management and partner opinions influenced a lot of changes and added features. So this one being behind the delay of the title is a pretty reasonable reason.

Relic Hunters will be a co-op looter-shooter with added Role Playing genre and will feature a top-down view. The game is the latest entry in the series, with original title Relic Hunters Zero: Remix released back in 2015. Moreover, the latest details show that the studio is also expanding, thus hinting at more workforce working on the existing and upcoming titles.

Relic Hunters Legend’s release date will undoubtedly be announced soon during some events or a solo upload. The most expected release date announcements could be on The Game Awards or upcoming events.

That’s about it for Relic Hunters Legend’s release date and the latest details on the ongoing development. For more information, it is advised to look for any events that might confirm a release date.

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