Resident Evil 4 Mercenaries Character Abilities Have Leaked

A latest Resident Evil 4 mercenaries character abilities leak hints at a Mercenaries mode for the game.

Resident Evil 4 Mercenaries Character Abilities Have Leaked
Resident Evil 4 Mercenaries Character Abilities Have Leaked

Resident Evil 4 has been a very popular remake for the series, and that popularity is unlikely to end soon. Now we are expecting new DLC and game modes to keep the game going for a while longer. The next mode everyone is already talking about is the mercenaries mode for RE4. Now we have learned that the Resident Evil 4 mercenariescharacter abilities have leaked.


  • RE4 mercenaries mode has been getting leaked a lot, and now we have some info on the characters.
  • The info came as a small list of characters and their abilities in the new game mode.
  • This leak was the latest in a recent lineup showing what RE4’s future will look like.

Regarding games that have exploded so far this year, you could easily list RE4 on that list. It hasn’t been out for long, but in time it has certainly garnered a large audience behind the game. Even overcoming minor hindrances and issues other games would have gotten hung up on.

Now people are clamoring for more to play in the game, and game modes seem at the top of everyone’s list. Fortunately, we have gotten a look at the new mercenaries game mode from a leak over on Resident Evil Central. The leak detailed both the mercenary’s characters and their abilities in the game. To say that this has the fans pumped for this to come out would be an understatement.

The list contained the following characters you can play in mercenaries mode.

  • Leon Kennedy
  • ADA Wong
  • Luis Sera
  • Jack Krauser
  • Albert Wesker

These characters will all feature unique play styles and weapons. Also, remember that this is not the official list, so it is always possible that characters could be taken off or added on before the mode is released. It also makes sense that if more DLC is released in the future, it could add to this roster.

RE4 Leon Kennedy
RE4 Leon Kennedy

The first of these characters is Leon Kennedy, the middle-of-the-road character of the group. He is supposed to be the all-around character you can play to start getting a feeling for the game.

In the mayhem mode, his abilities are increased attack power and speed. In general, Leon may be basic, but he will likely be one of the more popular characters because of this.

Ada is also sure to be a popular character for various reasons, and that is due to her versatility. Ada will have access to various weapons that will allow her to fill various roles in the mode. She will function similarly to Leon in mayhem mode with increased attack power and speed.

Luis will be a fan among distance fighters as he has good firepower but will be a weak close-quarter combatant. This ability set will cater to a particular play style, but I can still see it being a popular form of risk vs. reward. In the mayhem mode, Luis will gain the ability to plant dynamite that will explode when shot or after a fixed time.

RE4 Luis
RE4 Luis

Jack Krauser will be fun for fans of melee combat that focus on strength and bashing. Krauser has strong melee attacks; as his ranged option, he uses explosive arrows. The ability that he gets from mayhem mode is a mutation that allows him to use close-quarter and thrust attacks.

Hunk will fill a general combat role due to his unique combination of attacks. He can use both machine guns, great for distanced combat and an insta-kill melee attack. His mayhem mode upgrade lets him have infinite ammo on his submachine gun. This is an interesting arrangement of abilities for a character, and it will be interesting to see how many people choose him.

The last one on the list was Albert Wesker, a fact that will thrill long-time RE fans. Weaker is a martial arts-focused chapter that can parry attacks. You also can launch your melee attacks at distant enemies as your ranged option. During mayhem mode, you gain the ability to combo together your melee attacks which should prove to be devastating in the game.

RE4 Ada Wong
RE4 Ada Wong

This leak is a very exciting list for Resident Evil fans, especially if you love RE4. As I said before, this is not the final list yet, but if this is all we get,n I can’t say that most people would be disappointed. I think Ada and Wesker, in particular, will be favorites because of their mechanics, and Luis is because no one has been able to play him.

Of course, this isn’t the only piece of resident evil news we have gotten through a leak recently. Just a little while before this leak came out, Resident Evil Central had put out a post showcasing some of their outfits. It wasn’t a lot, but it is still interesting to see what at least a few characters will look like when this mode finally gets released.

The other recent leak we have had was that Separate Worlds would be coming as a DLC to the game. It will be good to finally have a complete image of the game’s story once we can see Ada’s side. This should also be coming, so we will monitor it.

That is all we have on the fact that Resident Evil 4 mercenaries’ character abilities have leaked.

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