Resident Evil Village VR For PC Is Possible In Future

There has been a leak that suggets that Resident Evil VR for PC could be happening in the near future and change the game.

Resident Evil Village VR for PC
Resident Evil Village VR for PC

It is becoming increasingly common for a game to be integrated with VR support. Whether made with that support or patched in later on the respective release platform, the latest game in this trend may very well be Resident Evil Village. Meanwhile, now we just have a leak that could hint at the possibility of Resident Evil Village VR for PC.


  • As per the latest leak, Resident Evil Village has references in its code that might mean it could be ported to VR.
  • The gameplay would change slightly due to this, but it could be for the better and most demanded experience from players.
  • This also indicates that it might support almost all VR devices.

RE Village VR Code
RE Village VR Code

This news for the VR support for Resident Evil Village comes to us from a leaker on Reddit. The leak mostly shows pictures of the game’s code mentioning VR in the game. On the other side, code laid out specific lines that talk about VR integration. These lines of code seem to have been implemented in recent updates of Resident Evil Village.

Meanwhile, that is not all, as the Steamdb for Resident Evil Village also shares details of the tag of VR added to the game on Steam. Both of these leaks sound promising for an imminent announcement of Resident Evil Village VR for PC.

VR Tag in Resident Evil Village Steam Database
VR Tag in Resident Evil Village Steam Database

This update did not seem to include vast amounts of change to the standard game mode. Instead, it appears to have just added and integrated code into the game without altering the original game’s functionality. This leads one to wonder how this might impact the gameplay, but fortunately, we can also look at that.

RE Village Creatures
RE Village Creatures

The good thing about Resident Evil Village getting VR Support is that it won’t have to alter the game in any way fundamentally. This is because Resident Evil Village kept much of its play style to that of a horror survival game rather than just an action shooter. Horror survival games tend to do better in VR than many other genres, and Village is going to slot into this rather well.

It is also a good choice because this game went a lot into Resident Evil’s classical investigation and puzzle-solving side. Consequently, the game had much more for players to do than just shoot things and flee from bio-hazard zombies. Both of these elements would be cool to see as if you were doing it and interacting with the environment through virtual reality.

Of course, this could also be applied to the more action-based elements. It will be pretty thrilling to fight the creatures in the game as if you were there. This would raise your sense of fear and tension, making the game even more exciting than usual.

Although, there is already an unofficial mod ready to play for Resident Evil Village on PC. However, an official support for VR from the game’s developer sounds more exciting. For now, take this as a grain of salt and let’s wait for the official announcement from Capcom.

Interestingly the game’s new code suggests that the game will have VR support for most of the available VR headgear. It mentions that PSVR and SteamVR are where the latest updates point, but OpenVR is another contender. This would mean that most forms of gaming headgear are usable for this new VR port.

This is all we have for Resident Evil Village VR for PC, but we will let you know if anything else arises.

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