Returnal Is Coming To Steam

Returnal is coming to Steam and fans should be absolutely excited to see this game come to this system for more people to experience.

Returnal Is Coming To Steam
Returnal is Coming To Steam

Returnal has been speculated to be coming to PC for a while now, now we have another confirmation of its arrival on PC from Steamdb. Specifically, SteamDB lists how the game is being listed on Steam. This is something that people have been looking forward to for a while, and now it seems like Returnal is coming to Steam.


  • Returnal is coming to Steam, as per the listing on Steamdb.
  • We learned this from the changelist and cloud save systems on SteamDB.

We have been waiting a while for a confirmation that Returnal is coming to pc since we knew there was a project titled Oregon. This project was believed to be Returnal for PC, and now we know it is. I don’t think anyone speculated that it would have been confirmed on SteamDB.

We have two different screenshots, both of which are from SteamDB. The first image details an entry to the changelist for the Oregon project, which states that the game’s actual name will be Returnal. The second is from the cloud save system that says the same information. This double confirmation is more than most fans would hope for short of an official press release.

Returnal Steam Changelist
Returnal Steam Changelist
Returnal Cloud Save Steam
Returnal Cloud Save Steam

Returnal is a third-person rogue-like game released for PlayStation 5, set in a science-fiction setting. The idea is that the world will reset and change every time you die. This creates a different experience each time you die. The game’s story follows protagonist Selena Vastoss as she discovers this effect and works to uncover and escape it. As she goes through her life, she learns that there is more to this than even she realizes.

This is just a Steamdb listing and we still might have to wait for the official announcement. Are you looking forward for the Returnal release on PC in future? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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