THQ’s Risen Is Announced For Nintendo Switch

THQ Nordic is making it so that Risen is coming to Switch and we are talking about both the announcement and the game itself.

Risen Is Coming To Switch Cover Image
Risen Is Coming To Switch

There has recently been a leak that THQ Nordic will be making so that Risen is coming to Switch. This announcement has excited both Switch players and Risen fans. Let’s look at the leak and the game that is coming to the Switch sometime soon.

Risen On Switch
Risen On Switch

The original leak came via a post on Resetera from user Shard Shinjuku. They had grabbed a tweet from EmbraceInvestor on Twitter which showcased the original tweet from THQ Nordic. This tweet showed off the subtle release that the game had been approved for release on the Switch. So this is pretty cut and dry because it comes from the developer, and now we can be excited that Risen is coming to Switch.

For those who do not know, Risen is an action RPG game from developer Piranha Bytes that was initially released in 2009. The game followed the player character as they set out to stop a Titan from being revived from a volcano on an island. To this day, Risen remains one of the more popular RPG games released in the last two decades.

Keeping in mind that it has had to keep its fans while other games like Skyrim and other more giant RPGs have come out. The game was initially rated M when it came out and was confirmed in a tweet from Gematsu to be the same for Switch.

Risen On Switch Rating
Risen On Switch Rating

It should also be noted from the inclusion term Titan that this game takes heavy inspiration from Greek and Roman mythology. Sicily inspires the island where the game takes place, and some factions are based on historical entities.

Of course, all of this is tied into the before-mentioned mythological stories. The Titans are exciting creatures and entities as humans unleash them after they remove and banish their gods.

We don’t have confirmation that everything will be transferred when Risen releases on the Switch. It is more than likely that most to all content will be.

Because of this, we can look forward to playing some of the game’s best features. If this content is left in, it will make this a fun game on Nintendo Switch.

As I mentioned, this is an RPG, and it has many of the features you would be looking for. Combat plays a significant role in the game and is part of the reason that it was initially rated M. The game featured several different types of weapons and even magic as ways for you to fight enemies.

In addition, there were a variety of other skills interspersed throughout the game that you can learn or invest skill points into to improve your characters. Some of these included things like lock picking and alchemy.

These are things that your characters can learn to give them a leg up on their quest. This system was considered very intuitive when released in 2009, but whether it will be now will be interesting.

That is everything you need to know about the fact that Risen is coming to Switch. What are your thoughts on the forever classical Risen for Switch? We would love to hear them in the comments section down below.

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Source: Resetera

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