Rockstar Games Acquired GTA Roleplay Server Community

Latest news revealed that Rockstar acquired a GTA Roleplay server company and this has multiple implication for both past games and future ones.

Rockstar Acquiref GTA Roleplay Server Community
Rockstar Acquiref GTA Roleplay Server Community

Rockstar Games has been making several moves to expand their sphere of influence around their franchises, from trying to contain the leaks on GTA 6 to putting out a port release of Red Dead Redemption on PS4 and Nintendo Switch. But they have just made another move as Rockstar Games acquired the GTA Roleplay Server community. This was a surprising move for the company but one that excited the whole fandom, so let’s get into why.

Story Highlights

  • It was recently revealed that Rock has acquired the company CFX. Re, which is the company behind FiveM and Rm.
  • 5m is a mod for GTA 5 for pc, which creates a Roleplay intensive game from the GTA world and allows for more dynamic gameplay.
  • The fact that Rockstar has acquired this company could indicate changes to the structure of future games.

Rockstar Games has recently announced that they have acquired a new company. Specifically, the new company was CFX RE, which runs the services for FiveM and Rm. These are roleplaying servers for both GTA 5 and Red Dead Redemption, and the fact that Rockstar has acquired them may indicate a change is coming.

If you are unaware of what a roleplay server is, that is fine, and it is a growing but still not entirely mainstream playstyle yet. The idea is that these are mods to the pre-existing game that greatly expanded on the storytelling nature. In Fivem, for instance, the player assumes the role of an NPC and can start making decisions. The more decisions and actions you take, the more players and NPC will react to you.

So there was a lot of excitement when Rockstar Games announced they had acquired a company responsible for maintaining and creating this gameplay experience. The idea that Rockstar was making this style of gameplay in any way official was a big deal. But it does leave everyone with several questions, the chiefest of which is how this could impact future games.

The first idea that springs to mind is if this could mean expanded roleplaying abilities for future titles. The idea that we will get more roleplay in future titles is almost inevitable because that has increased with every installment.

We don’t see as much depth in an official release as in the mods. It is not impossible; it seems unlikely with the following few titles, especially GTA 6.

This does not mean we will not get the possibility in the future. It could be possible that an RP-intensive game mode could launch months or even a year after the base game. This mode could function similarly to the mods we have now in GTA 5 and RDR, but we could see it go even further with official support.

The fact that the communities for these mods are growing faster than ever suggests that there is an audience for this content. So this acquisition is Rockstar keeping up with the needs and wants of their audience.

That is all we have because Rockstar Games acquired the GTA Roleplay server community.

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